Monday, October 15, 2018

You Are A Foot Slave

You say you don't have a foot fetish, or a shoe fetish, yet every time I wear my sexy high heels and stockings, why are you constantly checking out my feet?  I think somebody might be in a little bit of denial.  I know you are, and do you want to know why?  Because for starters, you bought this clip, and beyond that, you're already stroking your cock.  Why are you already stroking your cock?  Because you know what's coming.  You know that I'm going to be showing you my beautiful, sexy, super high, fuck me pumps.  And inside those fuck me pumps is a pair of size 11, gorgeous feet.  You just get harder and harder every time I describe my feet and my shoes.  I bet all you can think about are my gorgeous pumps digging into your back.  

Well foot boy, what are you waiting for?  You can't deny it any longer.  Your cock is so hard you're about to burst just at the very sight of my soles.  Why don't you take my shoes off and kiss my feet.  My sore, tired feet.  Don't you think they need a little kiss and a rub?  

I suppose, since you're already down there, I could let you cum on my stocking covered feet.  You're going to be responsible for my dry cleaning bill, but it's good to see you've succumb to the fact that you love feet.

Own your fetish, foot boy.  Own it.

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