Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mom Son Sex Ed

This was a custom order. No names used.

"What I'm thinking is you get a call from my sex ed teacher telling you that I didn't do my work in class today. The girls were supposed to pair up with boys and let them feel their breasts as well as smell and taste their vaginas and anuses. The boys were supposed to let the girls watch them masturbate into their hands and eat their own cum. The teacher says this is a required lesson and you tell her you'll help get me ready to do it at school tomorrow.

You sit me down and ask why I didn't do my schoolwork and tell me you don't want me to flunk out. I tell you that the girl I was with was very pretty and I thought her vagina and anus were very pretty and smelled and tasted good but I was too embarrassed to show her my tiny little boy penis. You are very understanding and tell me to take my pants and underpants off.

I do as you say and you tell me you understand why I was embarrassed because my penis is VERY small and looks like it hasn't grown since I was about 3. Still I need to do my schoolwork so you and I will practice what I have to do tomorrow. You first take your top off and show me your breasts and let me feel them, then take your panties off (which you give to me and tell me I can rub them on my penis if it helps). You spread your legs and give me some good looks at your pretty pussy and let me smell and taste it. After a couple minutes of that you open up a bit wider so I can see your other hole and you tell me about it and have me give that one some attention. 

The whole time be reminding me to rub my small penis because I need to cum and be ready to eat the semen. Perhaps towards the end focus on that, and tell me not to be scared you've eaten plenty of it and it won't hurt me. Describe how it might taste and maybe if I eat it it well help my penis grow. Eventually I'll blow my load into my hand (or yours, either way works) and you tell me exactly how to lick it up and savor the taste before I swallow.

Like I said I'd like lots of small penis and cum eating talk from my very loving understanding mommy. I like it when mom uses the proper terms for things -- penis, anus, vagina."

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