Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cuckold Training

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"My other idea would be a followup.  The sex ed teacher calls you again the following night and tells you I was a good boy today. She worked with me personally in front of the class and I did a good job licking her pussy and stuck my tongue as far as I could in her anus and was eager to suck on it and that I didn't miss a drop when I ate my semen out of my hand. 

She goes on to tell you that tomorrow we start our unit on bisexuality, but before we start that because of my size issue she'd like to use my as an example and explain the concept of cuckolds. She'll tell the class some men have little penises and can't get a woman off in the normal way and they have to lick the woman while men with big dicks fuck them, then be sissy cuckolds and eat not just the woman's juices but the man's cum also. She also tells you she'd like to use me for the intro to bisexuality. You agree to everything she says and hang up.

You tell me what a good little boy I am and explain to me what's going to happen at school tomorrow. 

Tomorrow to start out one of the other boys with a big penis will put it in the teacher's vagina. While he's doing that I will have to tongue her anus like I did so well today. Any juices that come from her vagina I will have to lick up, and I will occasionally have to lick the other boy too. When he shoots his semen into the teacher it will be my job to eat it all out of her and make sure she's cleaned up. Also clean his penis with my mouth.

You go on to explain to me that the teacher wants to use me as the "bottom" in the lesson on gay/bi sex. I ask what that means and you explain I'm going to have to suck on the male teacher's penis until he ejaculates in my mouth (maybe some of the other boys too!) He's then going to some things with/to my butt. You explain that he'll have me spread it open and put some oil in the hole before he sticks his fingers and a penis shaped rubber toy in it. When it gets hard again he'll have me spread my cheeks open wide while he slides his penis into me and pushes it in and out until he ejaculates again.

You can tell I'm scared about this and you tell me not to cry it will all be ok and won't hurt me too bad, but you can tell I'm also getting a little erection hearing about it. Maybe I'm naturally a little dicked sissy. You tell me to take my pants off and we'll do a little homework to get me ready.

You get out a dildo, making it a point to say it's the size of most men's dicks. Much much bigger than what I have. Have me stroke my little thing for you you lube up my hole and start showing me what will happen tomorrow first with your finger then the toy. You can tell I really enjoy having things in my butt because my penis is much harder than normal. You tell me how when I cum I'm going to eat it again, but there's some extra involved this time. Go on like before with the small penis and cum eating talk, maybe also call me a sissy who just might like boys. After a couple minutes of that when I'm about to you'll pull the dildo out of me and have me shoot my load on it. It'll be dirty from having been inside me and also covered with my cum but sissies don't mind that you tell me as you put it in my mouth and tell me to clean it all up. When it's all cleaned up you tell me I'm a good boy and I'll do fine in school tomorrow."

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