Friday, May 19, 2017

Step Mom's Surprise

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"I this if you can wear a robe, and the Bali Flower Bra and use your squirting dildo again.  You are my step mother again and you can pretend to come in my room early in the morning to show me a surprise.  

You can talk about how much you enjoyed are secret the last time you showed me your bra and tits and stroke and jerked my cock off and made you cum everywhere.  Hmmmm.   It was so wonderful seeing you get so hard when I stroked and played with your nipples.  I love how you squirted like a fountain. You tell me you went out actually the other day and got a surprise for me and you wanted to show it to me.  You can say "so do you to want to see it?"  "I think your going to love it."   "It's right here behind my robe." While your saying That you can pretend to rub my crotch area and play with my nipples.   

You open and take off your robe and you show me your bra.  You can ask me things like "what do you think about that?" You like it?  Hmmm I can tell your getting really hard again just like the last time.  You can touch,
Squeeze, and caress your breast through the bra.    You can talk to me how it's getting me even extra hard along with my morning wood.   But you assure me it is ok because it's still are little secret.  You pull my shorts down and take out my cock.  You also tell me you have another surprise.  You pull out some lube. (I  will look for the lube on Amazon and send the link to you so you will be able to add it to your wishlist, and I will I'll send the money for your to buy it).  
You can talk about how your going to make my cock very slippery and wet.  You put lots of  lube on just enough to make a smacking wet sound.  Then you can say "hmmmm... you like the way your Step Mommie's hand filled wrapped around your cock? ". You love Step Mommies bra?"  "Look at you I can tell". Your such a naughty boy but it's ok.  No one has to know how much you love looking at my bras and tits and stroking your cock.   

Then you can say, "this time I want you to not only cum on my tits today, but I want you to cum in my bra cups too, so I can feel your wet ,creamy cum all over my titites inside my bra.  Would you like that?"   Then if you can pull the bra straps and bra cups flap down while the bra is still on.  

At some point you can touch my nipple again while you stroke me.   You can tell I'm
about to cum and you add more lube.  Then you can start to go faster.  If you want you can end it similar to how you ended the other ones.  You can say "You like cumming for  Step Mommy?" "Come on baby, cum on my tittes."  "That's it". "Your almost there." I love the talking nice,sweet and nurturing, but also in the sexy seductive voice you do.  It drives me bananas.  Lol!  I just love how your style is and how you do it."

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