Thursday, October 4, 2018

She Wants Another Baby

This was a custom order. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"It’s a sequel to the “a son's gift” video that you made a while back.

It’s 3 years after the son gave his mom twins. The son has met a girl and she is now his wife. The wife has no idea that the twin boys his mom had are actually his. She visits her son at home one day when the wife is at work. She says she is thinking about having another baby, and still hasn’t met anyone since the mom and son were together. Son does not want to do it because he refuses to cheat on his wife. Mom asks if the wife knows that the twins are actually his and he says no, and he thinks she’d be weirded out if she ever knew. This gives the mom a home wrecker blackmail idea. After continued resistance from her son, mom gets angry and tells her son that if he doesn’t fuck her and knock her up again, she will reveal that the twins are his. Not only will she tell his wife, but she will tell all his friends as well. The son is still resisting so the mom has to pin him down and ride him until he cums inside of her. Close up cream pie shown, and an after math shot 9 months later after the son has been avoiding his mom. She reveals that she is pregnant once again. Son says that he and his new wife have been trying to get pregnant for a full year and doesn’t understand why it’s not working. Mom says it’s because his seed is meant for her and no one else, laughing."

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