Monday, August 21, 2017

Continued Therapy

This was a custom fantasy fulfillment. To be considered, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com

A sequel to the highly regarded "Therapist Manipulation". Enjoy them together, or separately.

It's time for your next weekly session. I have zero tolerance for dirty masturbators, so this week we are turning things up a bit. I have several implements for you to use while I instruct you to masturbate in front of me. You will cum at my command, at my countdown, and at my instruction. Remember, you have no choice in any of this if you expect to keep your job, and this could go on, and on, and on as long as I please. This is only just the beginning...

"This is a continuation of the custom you made for me previously. This is my second therapy session and you have decided to up the humiliation a notch. You have no mercy for dirty masturbators. This time you make me strip down completely and put on nylon leggings and a tiara that says "Princess" on top. You also hand me an aneros toy. You make me put the toy in my mouth, spread my legs for you and begin masturbating my dirty little clitty for you. You smirk and smile as I'm forced to follow your instructions. Feel free to remind me that I have no choice and that this therapy may go on and on indefinitely. Please remind me this is just the beginning of what you have in store for me. Make me thank you (with my mouth full) and please make me repeat humiliating commands. Halfway through make me take the aneros out of my mouth and insert into my ass for you. Make me stroke with the two fingers and move the aneros in and out at the same time. Tease me about my man pussy and my stiff little clitty. Enjoy edging me repeatedly making me stroke harder and faster, but always with only two fingers. You can also make me take the aneros out from time to time and put it back in my mouth. You find this very amusing. When you are good and ready, make me remove the aneros from my ass and allow me to follow a long teasing countdown to an orgasm on the toy. Please make me clean the toy for you. Then show me your disgust and arranging for my next appointment."

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Trance: Look Into My Eyes

This was a custom fantasy fulfillment. To be considered, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com

My beautiful face, piercing green eyes, full lips, and long sensual hair enrapture you. My sensual, seductive gaze leaves you in a puddle. Gaze into my beautiful eyes and get lost in your attraction to me. Find yourself completely at my mercy and my control. 

"I really like your very long hair, eyes, lips, chest and body. Saw the previews of your videos on clips4sale and was wondering if you can make me my own custom eye and lip fetish video. You can wear your hair down with a very intense smoky eye look and a sexy seductive shade on your lips. You can look back at me as intensely as you can and stare back at me like you never stared at anything before and ask me about how you look and everything you heard about me my massive eye fetish and lips and mouth fetish and watch you talk about your face, body, hair, lips and eyes and your eye makeup, how much I love to play with your hair, watch what kind of body language you give me with your eyes and and how much I love to sit naked on your lap pushing my boner against you and spending all day looking each other nose to nose very closely in the eye. You can tell me how much I love to look you very closely in the eye for hours and hours and focusing very closely at your pupils and deep inside your eyes. You can tell me all of your kinky thoughts about all this too. Then I want you to give me your most intense stare back at me and tell me to lean closely and look deep into your eyes. Then we can lean in and you can give me an extreme close-up of your eyes as if I'm nose to nose with you and then I'll lean in and we'll stare very, very closely into each other's eyes for a few minutes and watch the body language you give me with your eyes as I look as deep as I can into your eyes. You can give me commands too. Then we can go back to normal and then we'll lean in and look deep into the pupil your right eye for a couple mins, watch what kind of body language you give me with it then lean in and look deeply into your left eye and pupil for a couple minutes and do the same thing then we'll go back to normal then I'll watch you touch up your lips with the perfect shade. then when you're done you'll let me lean in and look very closely at your lips and then I'll watch the muscles in your mouth moving while you talk about your lips, about sex, all kind of sexy things and sexy thoughts you may have and watch you press your lips together, watch you lick your lips and smile you make me orgasm and then we'll move out to normal and you can say whatever you like. The more intense you can make the custom, the better. I can handle it." 

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Feminine Bitch Boy

Well hello princess. What have we here? A little bitch boy who likes to wear girly panties! What a treat for me. Not only is the sight of a man in girly underwear thrilling for me, but it also really makes me want to spank you. The idea of you being humiliated further causes my loins to throb, so without further ado, get on your knees bitch boy, I've got a surprise for you.

That thin fabric won't protect you now. 

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey guys!

Yes, it's true, I just get better every year. It's my birth month so I will be accepting even more tips and tributes than usual. Make a Goddess happy during her most special month of the year!

Give The Gift Of Cold Hard Cash!

I will be publishing several awesome birthday themed videos as well.

Your Queen,

Monday, July 31, 2017

Maintenance Spanking


This was a custom fantasy fulfillment. To be considered, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com

You know by now that the house rule is any penis under 6 inches must wear girly panties, yet today you chose to defy this rule, and on the day of your bare ass maintenance spanking of all days! Go get your panties, slip them on, and let's get this spanking over with. Since you chose to defy the rules, a bare handed, bare ass spanking isn't the end of it. This one is really going to hurt, but at least you will know your place...

"Household scene, you call me and nonchalantly tell me it's time for my weekly maintenance spanking. Swiftly sentencing me to a hard handspanking on the bare bottom, you demand I take down my pants and underwear, and get frustrated when I hesitate. You're very busy and have lots to do and just want to get the spanking over with. You pull down my pants yourself and Uh Oh! you find a very problematic violation. I'm wearing boy's underwear. My penis is definitely too small to be wearing men's undies, and sissies are supposed to be in panties at all times. I protest, but your house rule is that if it's under six inches, it's in panties. No. Exceptions. 
You decide with exasperation to go through the motion and measure it to prove the rule. After a disappointing show of 4.5 inches, you send me to my room to get properly dressed: "GO. GET. YOUR. PANTIES. NOW."  we then go through a couple of different panties for the sissy to wear. You hold the panties open for me to step into, "Put. The. Panties. On. NOW." I am then spanked over the knee, stopping to pull them down for more SPH (aww so cute, maybe it'll grow bigger as you get older? If not you've got plenty of panties to wear!) Finally, the maintenance spanking is over. But as punishment for daring to not wear panties, and pretending to be a big boy, you decide a big boy punishment is needed.  You take off your belt (love a woman taking off her belt!) to give me a hot and fast beltwhipping. Knowing that I'll cry out like a little pantywaist sissy, you decided to gag me with a pair of your own dirty underwear.  End with you snapping the belt and saying how much it'll hurt, but now I know my place."

Customer Feedback: "Exquisite! Thank you so much for providing my fantasy fulfillment! I'll definitely be back."

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Financial Ruin

You want me. I know you do. Everyone does. But, you see, I only want money. Your money. Money is my driving force, and you're going to give it to me. You love my tits? Prove it. You like this pussy? Prove it. Get out that credit card and start clicking the tribute button. After all, you're an addict, and that's what addicts do! The real rush is in the spending, with the underlying desire of being with me. You think that with every dollar you spend you get closer and closer to winning the ultimate prize. Do you have any idea how busy I am? I can only be persuaded with cold, hard cash. Teasing you in this sexy velvet bodysuit and pantyhose, I'll make you throb so hard you'll sign over everything to me.

Let's face it, you'll go into financial ruin for a woman like me.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mom's Nightmare Becomes Your Dream Come True

Hi honey, I had a horrible dream... well, a nightmare really, and I'm all alone because your father is once again out of town, and I'm scared. Can I come lay with you? I promise it will just be for a little while. It's just that, I get so lonely and frightened with your dad gone all the time. I miss his big strong arms wrapped around me to make me feel safe. Do you think, maybe, you could wrap just one arm around me to help me feel safer? Thank you. Now, let's snuggle up and go to sleep.

It must be so shocking to wake up with me sitting on top of you, but I just thought that maybe you could comfort me like your father does, and I couldn't help but notice you got hard in your sleep. Maybe I could help you with that erection?

Oh my, you feel so good inside me. This is so wrong, but feels so amazing. Your'e going to make mommy cum, and you feel so much better than your father. Your cock is so much bigger and makes me cum so much faster! Wow, that's amazing. Can I just keep riding your cock like this? Here, suck on my nipple while I cum again. That's a good boy. Suck my nipple like a good boy and make me cum hard. Keep fucking mommy like a good boy, and, oh my, you just came inside of me! This is not good. What are we going to do? We can't tell your father! I might be pregnant now! Well, we better keep this secret. Your father can never know you pleased me better than he can and that you may have impregnated me with your baby like he hasn't been able to do!

It can be our little secret.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Tranny Lover

I've known for some time now about your deep, dark secret. I've confronted you only to be met with denial. It's time you confess your secret lusts, and you're going to do it right here, right now in front of me. So you mean to tell me that these images don't turn you on? Then why is your dick hard? Who can blame you for enjoying a great set of tits and a luscious hard cock? I certainly don't. Just look at how beautiful that combination is... the way she has the big round breasts, and yet the capability of fucking your ass good and hard like you like. Just the very thought of it makes your dick hard.

There's no better feeling than squeezing nice tits and feeling a real, hard cock in your ass, is there? 

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Unwrapping Your New Cage, And Your New Life

You had to know marrying me would be a challenge, to say the least. I'm a beautiful, intelligent, powerful woman, and you are... well... none of those things. Most of all, I'm sadistic. I'm not the demure, shy little thing I portrayed myself to be. I have the uncanny ability to seek out the weak members of the herd, and honey, that's you. Why do you think I married you? It certainly wasn't because I love you or actually wanted you... no. You're my new plaything, and you have no choice in the matter. So, here is your new cage, and your new life. Watch as I slowly unwrap the device that's going to keep you under my control... forever.

This is just the beginning.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fuck Off, Loser

You will never have a woman like me. You're a pathetic loser and a complete non factor as far as I'm concerned. Women like me don't even notice bugs like you as we step on you as we saunter by. Your pathetic attempts at getting my attention go completely unnoticed.  I laugh at the ridiculousness that is your desperation. A woman of my caliber can only be courted by real men with real cocks and the confidence and know-how that it takes to pique my interest. You are awkward and boring and would take far too long stumbling over yourself and your tongue for me to ever find any interest. You know this about yourself which is why you buy my videos and mercilessly rub the skin off your tiny little clitty of a dick while you imagine what it would be like to just get near me and whiff my seductive scent. You think I would ever fuck you? That's laughable. I wouldn't even let you clean dog shit off my shoes.  All it takes is my stunningly beautiful face to make you a pile at my feet.

Keep jerking, loser, I am way out of your league.

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