Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fuck Off, Loser

You will never have a woman like me. You're a pathetic loser and a complete non factor as far as I'm concerned. Women like me don't even notice bugs like you as we step on you as we saunter by. Your pathetic attempts at getting my attention go completely unnoticed.  I laugh at the ridiculousness that is your desperation. A woman of my caliber can only be courted by real men with real cocks and the confidence and know-how that it takes to pique my interest. You are awkward and boring and would take far too long stumbling over yourself and your tongue for me to ever find any interest. You know this about yourself which is why you buy my videos and mercilessly rub the skin off your tiny little clitty of a dick while you imagine what it would be like to just get near me and whiff my seductive scent. You think I would ever fuck you? That's laughable. I wouldn't even let you clean dog shit off my shoes.  All it takes is my stunningly beautiful face to make you a pile at my feet.

Keep jerking, loser, I am way out of your league.

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