Monday, July 10, 2017

Her Clingy White Slip

This was a custom order. To submit a request for your own fantasy fulfilling custom order, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please sumbit a full and detailed request for my review. 

 "Your my Step Mother again. If you could wear the White Slip or White Night Gown you wore in your clip "Morning Quickie" would be great. And if you can leave it on the whole time would be great. :-) Can you do this clip like a POV HANDJOB. In this clip you can pretend to have come into my room because you heard me still up and you wanted to check on me. You notice I have been having trouble sleeping, and you want to help me get some sleep tonight. You tell me that you know that I have been looking at your lingerie and especially your bras and panties. You also notice me looking at your White slip when I wake up every morning. I know I look at how it fits you when your nipples poke through the fabric and how you can tell I dont have anything on under it. You let me know its ok and to not be embarrassed it. It perfectly fine. (If you can place the camera at an angle as if you looking down on me, But your right beside me in the bed laying next to me.) You can say: "Let me lay next to you to help you go to sleep." You can caress your body through the slip and talk about how nice and silky it is. You can even rub you nipples through the fabric. You also mention to me that you know that I like it when you rub my nipples too, especially when you jerk and stroke my cock. (At this point if you can use your dildo to pretend that you pulled my cock out at POV style to were I can hear you stroking me with lube, but I cant see it on the camera, while laying your laying beside me. I still want a go view of you from the chest up while beside me. I hope that makes since.) You pretend to get some lube and start to stroke me off slow. You can can assure me its ok and to just relax and let Step Mommy take care of you. You can pretend to rub my nipple the whole time while your stroking me. You can ask me questions like " Do you like that? It feels good?" "Oh yes I know it does." Do you like the feel of my soft hand stroking and jerking you?" You can also talk about how your white slip really excites me and you can tell I like seeing your nipples poke through the fabric. You can also talk about how hard I am when your rubbing my nipple while your stroking me cock. You tell me you just feel so bad that you was exciting me so much every morning but its ok. Step Mommy is going to take care of you and make it all better. Then you notice Im getting close because Im so excited. You notice Im starting to ooze some pre cum. You add some more lube to get it really wet and slippery and start to go faster, and you start to really get into it, but in a still sexy and seductive way. You can still pretend to rub my nipple also. Then you can say, " Hmmm, let me suck on your nipple while I finish you off" "I know you love it" Your such a naughty boy." Then you can pretend to put your head down and making kissing and sucking sounds as if your sucking my nipple.. You can moan softly and act like your really into it. Then you can sit up and pretend to give me some kisses on my lip and calling me "Im Step Mommy naughty boy" You can also talk about how when we wake up, you will "make me my favorite breakfast, but we cant tell your father about this. He doesn't know that I jerk off my step son" Then all of a sudden by surprise you look down to see that Im starting to cum right then. You can say " Oh honey your cumming. Its ok. Let it out, thats it, good boy. If you can also pretend I squirted like 4 big squirts of cum, and between each squirt you say "Oh" before I oozed out the rest. You can add anything you want to the end. If you want to add or change something you can. I love your style anyway." 

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Customer Feedback: "I love my clip! I just wanted to let you know.  Wow!  Im speechless.  It was SO good.  I watch it like 4 times and I just went everywhere when I did.  Wow the part when you pretend to suck on my nipple, I could not even make it through the first time. And the nice talking and reassuring was so good.  I love how the slip looked on you and all of the words used.  I even like the sounds in the back ground with the dildo.  Wow! You make me cum so much!  LOL!  I cant believe Im saying that.  Your videos are so awesome.  You are extremely sexy and I just love your clips like this.  ;-)    I cant wait for the next one.  :-) "

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