Sunday, March 3, 2019

Doctor's Orders

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"It starts with you dressed in a medical outfit (no glasses).
You tell me that I'm here for a mandatory routine medical exam.
You tell me to not be shy and take of my clothes.
When I do you are amused but try to be serious.
You tell me to lift my penis and show it from all sides while you take a closer look.
You note down that I am circumcised.
You say something like "The penis appears to be very small, below average size" (while taking notes), still amused by it.
You tell me to show my testicles and note "subject has very small testicals, well below average in size".
You make an off-hand remark to me: "your balls are really tiny *grin*, sorry that was unprofessional".
Your hand reaches towards my balls (below camera). You feel up my balls and say stuff like:
"I have never seens balls this small on a grown man"
"Do you cum alot? Do you cum at all?"
"Are you even able to produce semen with these?"
"Are you able to ejaculate a decent amount of semen?"
"You know women like it when theres a lot of cum, a lot of semen cumming into their pussies!?"

You say: "Well, we will find out today, but first we have to measure the girth of your penis".

You take out an empty toilet paper roll and tell me: "The quickest way to measure penis girth is to use to toilet paper test"
"If your penis fits into a toilet paper roll it is too thin and not able to pleasure a women"

You tell me to get hard in a commanding voice.
You slip the roll onto my penis.
"Ah, thought so, you penis is way too thin, look how much room it has!"
"Thin penis and tiny balls *grin*"

You inform me that now I have to produce "a cum-load of semen", you tell me to stroke my penis in a commanding voice.
You tell me to flip my legs over my head and point my penis at my open mouth.
You say things like:
"Come on, stroke your tiny penis, I want to see you ejaculate in your mouth"
"Faster, I need a load of cum"
"Do you feel the semen building up in your tiny testicals?"
"Are you ready to ejaculate onto your tongue?"
"Are you going to cum a gooey warm sperm-load for me?"
"I'm going to give you a countdown from 10 to zero"
You start counting down.

On zero you say something like:
"Ahh, let my see the how much you can cum".
You act surprised by the amount of semen. "Wow thats a lot of sperm!"

You command me to swallow my "warm cum load of semen" and grin when I do it.

You wrap up by saying stuff like:
"Thank you for your visit and thank you for gulping down a load of semen!"

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