Sunday, February 11, 2018

Whatever It Takes

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.<br><br>

"The scene opens on you entering the teenagers (my) bedroom.  Your wearing a button down top with no bra underneath and bikini bottoms.  The buttons are undone enough to show a good amount of cleavage.  You explain to me the
deal you made with my father.  As your explaining you're slowly unbuttoning your top.  Your attitude is that you know your not going to enjoy this but you're going to do your best to make my first time as fun as you can. 
After explaining you tell me to take off my clothes and lie down.  You straddle me but before putting me inside you, you tell me you wish I was wearing condom.  You put me inside you and just slowly move your body.

You know I'm going to cum quick.  After about 15 seconds I do cum.  You ask me if your pussy feels as good as I had dreamed it would.  You tell me you're gonna make me cum two more times and this time you're gonna fuck me a little harder.  You start moving up and down on me again.  You're not getting any physical pleasure from the act but you do feel flattered that this young kid is enjoying the experience so much.  You realize he is going to remember you for the rest of his life.  You start in with a little dirty talk and end by asking me if during all the times I would stare at you from my bedroom window if I ever really through you be with me, in my bedroom, riding my bareback cock and letting me cum inside you.  After hearing those words I immediately cum again. You ask me if there's any other type of dirty talk I would like to hear.  Does it turn me on that you're married?  

You instantly feel my cock get hard again.  You tell me this is the third and final time I'll get to feel this and that you're gonna ride me hard.  You start bouncing on me at a good pace.  You tell me to concentrate on how tightly your pussy wraps around my cock and how its just trying to pull the cum out of me.  You tell me to look at your perfect body as you ride me. After a minute or so you switch from bouncing to grinding and you tell me it's time to finish me off.  As you grind on me you ask me what turns me on more, fucking a married woman or getting to cum inside another mans wife.  I then cum for a third time.  After a couple seconds of cool down, you ask me not to tell anyone what happened.  I shouldn't brag to my friends or ever mention it to her husband.  I ask if you can't pay your bills next month, will you be back.  The scene fads to black you not knowing what to say."

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