Friday, October 16, 2015

Transformation Fantasy

Your girlfriend has always been somewhat of a shy, reserved prude.  You were hoping she would loosen up and get more adventurous as your relationship progressed, but she remains cinched up tight and unwilling to experiment or explore new things.  You decide today is the day you're going to give her one last chance to open her mind.  When it's obvious nothing is going to sway her, you pull out your ace in the hole.  After some lengthy research on the internet you found a pill just for this very problem.  Crushed up and stirred into her drink, she ingests it with not a clue as to your evil doing.  In no time at all your prudish, frozen girlfriend has become a horny, smoking hot, filthy mouthed, sex pot.  In fact, you begin to wonder if she is now too much to handle, but you have no problem finding out.  You will enjoy every second of this moment because once that pill wears off it's back to your hum drum boring sex life unless you dose her again.

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