Sunday, July 16, 2017

Financial Ruin

You want me. I know you do. Everyone does. But, you see, I only want money. Your money. Money is my driving force, and you're going to give it to me. You love my tits? Prove it. You like this pussy? Prove it. Get out that credit card and start clicking the tribute button. After all, you're an addict, and that's what addicts do! The real rush is in the spending, with the underlying desire of being with me. You think that with every dollar you spend you get closer and closer to winning the ultimate prize. Do you have any idea how busy I am? I can only be persuaded with cold, hard cash. Teasing you in this sexy velvet bodysuit and pantyhose, I'll make you throb so hard you'll sign over everything to me.

Let's face it, you'll go into financial ruin for a woman like me.

BUY NOW to experience the ultimate in financial domination, findom, tease and denial, goddess worship, big tits, cleavage, pantyhose, bodysuit, velvet, cock tease, money fetish, powerful woman and the most erotic sensuality and sultry fantasy fulfillment with ME!

Let's not forget to abuse that credit card and tribute me!
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