Saturday, October 13, 2018

Trick And Treat

Did you have fun trick or treating? You did? That's good. I had a lot of fun, too. It's so neat dressing up and being someone different. I really like your police officer costume. I think every woman loves a man in uniform. You don't want to take it off, do you? And you want me to keep mine on, too! You silly boy. You like it when we are differnt people, don't you? I kind of do, too. It's rather sexy actually. We can do things we wouldn't normally do. Like, since you're a big, manly police officer, you can punish me for being a bit whorish lately. And these breasts of mine have just not wanted to stay in this bra all night! I've tried so hard to be a good girl around all the trick-or-treaters, of course, but they kind of have a mind of their own. Maybe you could come a little closer, Mr. Police Officer, and set them free...

Includes: MILF, Momma's Boy, Taboo, Role Playing, Mask Fetish, Big Tits, Tit Fucking, Costumes

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