Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I Saw You Looking At My Armpits

This was a custom order with name used. Email me for your own custom clip: diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com.

In the custom video, I'd like to feel "further than that" virtually in the custom video.

I want you to use my real name.. It should be in the meeting room or at my client's room in their office. During the video I want Ms. Diane to catch my looks to her armpits first, start to look different and after a minute I want her to catch my erection.

After that I want you to choose the rest for me depending on your mood. Put yourself in my clients place and do whatever you like.

- You can use my fetish as an tool to ask for more discounts and you can let me see you naked, lick your armpits only after discount confirmation.

- it can be turn into a sexual intercourse in the meeting room or client's office after locking the door. 

- it can be a JOI 

- you can force me for a CEI in change for confirming the deal.

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