Tuesday, August 14, 2018

She Needs More

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) milfdiane (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"The fantasy I'm interested in for the first film is essentially a mistress who's tired of being merely a mistress.  She's not angry so much as simply ready to push the relationship into the spotlight.  She wishes the wife would catch us so it would be out in the open.  She wants to take pictures of us fucking to send to the wife.  She wants to call the wife so she can hear us having sex.  She talks about how much she wants to be together all the time and how she doesn't care who knows about the affair.  She's tired of waiting and wants to become the legitimate girlfriend rather than the mistress on the side.  She even suggests that she may have arranged to have the wife "walk in" while we're engaged.  Her motivation for doing something like that would be to expose the affair, wreck the marriage and step into her rightful place in a legitimate relationship.  Talking about these things, coupled with the sex excite her so much she achieves one, perhaps two orgasms.

For the climax, she begs me to cum inside her pussy.  She talks about how much she loves it that way, how much she loves the intimacy and the closeness of feeling my cum inside her.  After celebrating her creampie, she conspiratorially shares that she stopped using birth control awhile back.  She's determined to become pregnant because then there will be no possible way to hide the affair anymore.  She wants to keep fucking until she gets pregnant and she knows I love her enough that I'll do it."

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