Monday, October 27, 2014


Now that I have calmed down from my rage due to negativity and people just wanting to continue arguing who can't just be nice, I've decided to write a little snippet about fetishes.

Before I get into all of that, let me just point out that nobody on the planet is perfect.  We are all different in our own unique ways.  If, in my writing, I make grammatical errors, then so be it, I am not an English major or an English teacher, but I do enjoy writing my thoughts and getting things out there.

I am also not the most perfect or "best" fetish producer, but I do me, and I do it real, and that makes me proud.  I take requests and put a lot of effort in bringing my friends what they desire.

Now... fetishes.  One of my favorite producers, Goddess Alexandra Snow once said that a big part of fetishes is in the details, and she could not be more right.  And, it's often in the tiniest of details.  That just means that every single person who has the same fetish for, let's say, balloons, is going to have a preference for very different details than the next person. 

This is where it gets tricky, and can become overwhelming for a producer if you try to please everyone.  There is no exact method that will please everyone.  There's always going to be that one detail that one person doesn't prefer, and another detail that they wish you had implemented.

I still find the world of fetishes to be so interesting and fun simply because of those little details.  It keeps me, as a producer and performer, from getting bored and running out of ideas, because I know that I can do something as simple as change my outfit and that can make a world of difference.

Here's to randomness, differences, and those very intimate details!!!

Kisses and love,
Diane Andrews

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