Saturday, June 24, 2017

Doctor's Orders

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review. "It starts with you dressed in a medical outfit (no glasses). You tell me that I'm here for a mandatory routine medical exam. You tell me to not be shy and take of my clothes. When I do you are amused but try to be serious. You tell me to lift my penis and show it from all sides while you take a closer look. You note down that I am circumcised. You say something like "The penis appears to be very small, below average size" (while taking notes), still amused by it. You tell me to show my testicles and note "subject has very small testicals, well below average in size". You make an off-hand remark to me: "your balls are really tiny *grin*, sorry that was unprofessional". Your hand reaches towards my balls (below camera). You feel up my balls and say stuff like: "I have never seens balls this small on a grown man" "Do you cum alot? Do you cum at all?" "Are you even able to produce semen with these?" "Are you able to ejaculate a decent amount of semen?" "You know women like it when theres a lot of cum, a lot of semen cumming into their pussies!?" You say: "Well, we will find out today, but first we have to measure the girth of your penis". You take out an empty toilet paper roll and tell me: "The quickest way to measure penis girth is to use to toilet paper test" "If your penis fits into a toilet paper roll it is too thin and not able to pleasure a women" You tell me to get hard in a commanding voice. You slip the roll onto my penis. "Ah, thought so, you penis is way too thin, look how much room it has!" "Thin penis and tiny balls *grin*" You inform me that now I have to produce "a cum-load of semen", you tell me to stroke my penis in a commanding voice. You tell me to flip my legs over my head and point my penis at my open mouth. You say things like: "Come on, stroke your tiny penis, I want to see you ejaculate in your mouth" "Faster, I need a load of cum" "Do you feel the semen building up in your tiny testicals?" "Are you ready to ejaculate onto your tongue?" "Are you going to cum a gooey warm sperm-load for me?" "I'm going to give you a countdown from 10 to zero" You start counting down. On zero you say something like: "Ahh, let my see the how much you can cum". You act surprised by the amount of semen. "Wow thats a lot of sperm!" You command me to swallow my "warm cum load of semen" and grin when I do it. You wrap up by saying stuff like: "Thank you for your visit and thank you for gulping down a load of semen!" END"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Seduced By Your Hot Mother In Law

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

 "Hi, I'd like a video similar to your 'Insatiable tipsy mum' clip, where I'm marrying your daughter, and it's the night before the wedding, and we are all staying in a big hotel where I'm due to get married in the morning. You come into my room to check up on me for your daughter, just to make sure everything is okay. You are a little drunk, and notice I am too, and you decide to have a drink and a toast with me to celebrate tomorrow's wedding. You notice me checking out your cleavage, and you act slightly shocked but start flirting. As you lean in to tell me off for checking out you out when I'm marrying your daughter in the morning, I kiss you. You pull away slightly, but then kiss me back, and quickly end up riding me (like the clip I mentioned) - towards the end, you tell me that you want more, and i should forget about marrying your daughter, and we should leave now and go on the honeymoon together instead. You laugh as I give in and agree."

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Diane Andrews: Do You Like Mommy's Panties?

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"Hi Diane, 

I am a big fan of your clips4sale store especial your taboo mommy/son clips! You are so beautiful and sexy, thank you for sharing and making videos! I have an idea for a custom video that I think you would perfect to star in for me.  There are 3 areas that the clips would be focused on mommy/son taboo, upskirt, and panty fetishes.  My idea for a mommy/son clip revolves around the idea that a mother would be forced to take her son to work with her one day for whatever reason (school closed, no babysitter).  The mother would be wearing professional clothes either a dress or a skirt with heels to start the clip.  The mother would be a bit annoyed by the fact that her son is at work with her and tells him to play under her desk and stay out of the way.  This is where the clip would be upskirt focused as the son plays under his mom's desk he notices he can see her panties up her skirt.  The son is mesmerized by the sight of his mother's panties and starts to get excited and attempts to get a closer look and tries to put his face between her legs which startles the mother and she reacts and asks what he is doing.  He says nothing and she goes back to what she was doing, the son does the same things again trying to get closer and closer to his mom's pussy pulled in by her sweet smell.  The second time the son touches his mother much higher on her inner thigh which again startles her and checks to see what he is doing.  This time she notices that he is aroused and rubbing his penis a little. While she notices, she doesn't say anything but instead finds herself turned on by the idea and decides that if her son really wants a good look at her pussy she would give it to him and leaves the room and removes her panties.  She comes back without saying anything to her son and sits back down at her desk but leaves her legs more open giving her son a better view up her skirt.  This time her son looks up her skirt and see no panties and gets so turned on he can't help but start masturbating.  The mother knowing what's really going on down there makes sure to "catch" him playing with himself.  The mother tells the son how naughty it is looking up women skirts and how especially wrong it is to be looking up your mother's skirt.  As "punishment" for being so naughty the son is then told to jerk off in front of his mother, then he is told to lick his mother so he can finally taste her sweet juices and then told to fuck his mother.  During the sex part of the scene the more taboo mommy/son talk the better! The scene should end with the mother begging her son to cum inside of her and then telling him he is allowed to "play under her desk anytime."

Friday, May 19, 2017

Step Mom's Surprise

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"I this if you can wear a robe, and the Bali Flower Bra and use your squirting dildo again.  You are my step mother again and you can pretend to come in my room early in the morning to show me a surprise.  

You can talk about how much you enjoyed are secret the last time you showed me your bra and tits and stroke and jerked my cock off and made you cum everywhere.  Hmmmm.   It was so wonderful seeing you get so hard when I stroked and played with your nipples.  I love how you squirted like a fountain. You tell me you went out actually the other day and got a surprise for me and you wanted to show it to me.  You can say "so do you to want to see it?"  "I think your going to love it."   "It's right here behind my robe." While your saying That you can pretend to rub my crotch area and play with my nipples.   

You open and take off your robe and you show me your bra.  You can ask me things like "what do you think about that?" You like it?  Hmmm I can tell your getting really hard again just like the last time.  You can touch,
Squeeze, and caress your breast through the bra.    You can talk to me how it's getting me even extra hard along with my morning wood.   But you assure me it is ok because it's still are little secret.  You pull my shorts down and take out my cock.  You also tell me you have another surprise.  You pull out some lube. (I  will look for the lube on Amazon and send the link to you so you will be able to add it to your wishlist, and I will I'll send the money for your to buy it).  
You can talk about how your going to make my cock very slippery and wet.  You put lots of  lube on just enough to make a smacking wet sound.  Then you can say "hmmmm... you like the way your Step Mommie's hand filled wrapped around your cock? ". You love Step Mommies bra?"  "Look at you I can tell". Your such a naughty boy but it's ok.  No one has to know how much you love looking at my bras and tits and stroking your cock.   

Then you can say, "this time I want you to not only cum on my tits today, but I want you to cum in my bra cups too, so I can feel your wet ,creamy cum all over my titites inside my bra.  Would you like that?"   Then if you can pull the bra straps and bra cups flap down while the bra is still on.  

At some point you can touch my nipple again while you stroke me.   You can tell I'm
about to cum and you add more lube.  Then you can start to go faster.  If you want you can end it similar to how you ended the other ones.  You can say "You like cumming for  Step Mommy?" "Come on baby, cum on my tittes."  "That's it". "Your almost there." I love the talking nice,sweet and nurturing, but also in the sexy seductive voice you do.  It drives me bananas.  Lol!  I just love how your style is and how you do it."

Monday, May 15, 2017

Horny Ex-Wife Transformation

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

 "I am a cop and you are my ex-wife. Even though we are divorced, it is relatively amicable and you still like to have me come over from time to time to fuck. You have been drinking and are a little drunk. You called me over to the house to try to seduce me into fucking because you are horny. I know from my street contacts you have been illegally buying an Rx pill that makes you very horny when you take it. I arrive at the house and you greet me with your shirt open halfway and tell me how much you miss my huge cock and how good it feels when we fuck. As I'm looking around I see a pill bottle. I look at it and discover that it is not your Rx. There are three pills left in the bottle. Whenever you take one, it makes you really horny. Jokingly, I tell you that I could arrest you for having these but because you are drunk, you're don't catch that I am kidding about arresting you. You come up with an idea to take all three remaining pills. That way all the "evidence" will be gone. You then tell me that you know after you take the pills you will be incredibly high and horny for hours afterword and you will need me to stay and fuck you. Out of curiosity I agree to. As the pills start to take effect, I watch you get more giggliy and horny. You tell me how tingly your pussy feels and how you want to ride my huge cock. As you get more horny you start feeling your tits and touching your pussy telling me how wet you're getting. Finally, you tell me you can't stand it anymore and you need to feel my dick inside you. You start by riding me and telling me how much you like riding my cock and you're not even sure why we got divorced since we're so good at fucking. We fuck like that for a while and then you then get on your back and tell me to fuck you really hard until I cum all over your stomach and tits. I shoot a massive load all over your tits. At the end, you tell me that you're going to be horny for hours and you need me to keep fucking you all night. You also want me to feel as good as you do and you want me to take one more of the same pill you have left in another bottle that you have hidden. Like the last clip you made for me, can you wear a short skirt and a top that shows your tits. Can you wear that red bra and panties again? You should be barefoot throughout the clip too."

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sinfully Famous MILF Clip

Customer Feedback: "That was AMAZING mommy! I absolutely loved it!" 

 "It begins with you walking into a bedroom with sexy lingerie and garters on, you're sweet and caring for the whole scene, while clearly trying to cover up your insatiable lust for your son. You're talking to the camera. "Hi baby! What are you up to? Just watching cartoons, that's sweet! You're such a cutie Little Johnny! What did you do at school today?" You start to run your hand down to your pussy as you listen. "Ahhhhh you played with Ms. Maye after nap time? And did you have fun playing with Ms. Cruz after school?" You're turned on to know that your toddler is having more sex than most men dream of. You smile as you rub your pussy, you start undressing as you say this. "Mmm that makes mommy VERY happy... now off with the TV, it's mommy's turn! Come on baby boy, mommy hasn't gotten to get a load of cum since breakfast, I need that five year old cock now!" You act out unzipping Little Johnny's pants as you begin to stroke. "Mmmm that's it baby, get nice and hard for mommy... ya know I remember the day you were born... I had one of the best orgasms of my life as you came out... then I saw your cock for the first time, mmmm it looked so huge and delicious! The doctor said it was ten inches... that's when I told your daddy I wanted a divorce" You start sucking on johnny's cock for a bit, bobbing your head in and out of frame, you pull off and look back into the camera "I remember the day I took you home from the hospital... I ripped off my clothes and started riding your giant baby cock! A few months later you were big enough to fuck me while I breastfed you!" You suck more. "Remember on your fourth birthday when I let you be in charge, you even had the dog fuck me! God I came so hard!" You suck more until you can't take it any more. You start kissing and licking at the camera, being real perverted! "Mmmmmm I love how small your body is and how big your cock is! I want this little boy cock in me!" You straddle Johnny's body and start bouncing "OH MY GOD JOHNNY! This feels SO good!" You look into the camera and slow down "Awwww baby are you ok? Am I going to rough? Awwwww you just want mommy to be happy?" You start grinding your hips "you're so cute Johnny.... oh fuck you're SO CUTE Johnny! Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" You have a body shaking orgasm, smiling big and giggling. "Th-that was REALLY good baby... but mommy wants more!" You start bouncing hard "FUCK YES! GIVE ME THAT FIVE YEAR COCK! OH GOD I LOVE FUCKING LITTLE BOYS! GIVE MOMMY YOUR BIG BOY COCK BABY! GIVE IT TO ME!" You scream again with another orgasm, as you slow down to catch your breath "what's that baby?" You giggle "you think I sound like Ms. Maye when I cum? Hmmm well maybe I'll have to come to your daycare when she's working so you can fuck us both at once!" You're slowly grinding your hips. "You know baby? I was really scared that people would find out about us and we'd get in big trouble... but everything's gotten better since people found out! I mean, you're teachers can't get their hands off you, all the babysitters play with you for free, and I'm getting a promotion... as long as you fuck my boss next weekend, trust me it'll be fun, she's kinky!" You get up and turn around and squat back down with your ass bouncing up and down "do all the other girls fuck you as good as mommy? I bet I can fuck you better little boy! Mommy knows what you want little boy! Mommy knows you like being the town fucktoy! Mommy knows you like making everyone cum with your five year old cock!" You scream with another orgasm... after a moment of catching your breath "Ok baby, ok. Now it's your turn to cum, I'm just gonna lay down and I want you to use whatever hole you want, remember the rule I made on your second birthday? ANY hole you want, ANY time you want, ANY place you want! Ok baby?" The next shot is you on your back reaching down and rubbing Johnny's cock against your pussy "mmmm remember when you got hard in the playground? We snuck into the wooden pirate ship and you fucked my brains out, then you made me fuck the three year old boys that were watching? God it made me cum so hard! Now I want you to cum for me as hard as I have for you, please baby, use mommy for your pleasure!" Here you can either shake the camera vigorously or just bounce like crazy to show that little Johnny has a ridiculous amount of energy in him that's all going into fucking your brains out. "HOLY FUCK JOHNNY! YOU HAVE SO MUCH OF THAT FIVE YEAR OLD ENERGY! YOU MUST BE EXTRA HORNY FOR MOMMY TODAY! FUCK IT'S LIKE A JACKHAMMER ON MY PUSSY!" Your panting and your eyes are almost rolling back in pleasure. "PLEASE FUCK MOMMY LIKE THIS EVERYDAY! JESUS CHRIST!" You cum hard but little Johnny doesn't slow down a bit "THATS IT BABY THATS IT USE MOMMY CUM FOR MOMMY! ILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST CUM IN MOMMY! ILL FUCK ALL THE LITTLE BOYS ILL FUCK ANY ANIMAL YOU CAN THINK OF JUST GIVE ME THAT FIVE YEAR OLD CUM LITTLE JOHNNY!!!! OH FUCK YES!" After long moans and pants, you finally collapse in pleasure. "That was amazing, now you can go wash up for dinner" you get up in the camera "or we can see if you can hold up another seven rounds of making mommy cum!" You make out with little Johnny. "Good choice baby" end of video" All activity is between consenting adults roleplaying.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Drunk Mom Seduces You

This was a custom order - name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"I was interested in a POV video with you playing my tipsy mother coming into the living room from the party outside to unknowingly seduce me over a longer period of time.  I was watching some TV while drinking on the couch and you decided to join me.  We talk with each other for a bit, talking about what drinks we like.  Then it moves on to talking about the party and how everyone was checking you out.   I try to move on from the subject. [Silence] 

You make a couple drinks for us to have.  Then after drinking you feel buzzed and start checking me out.  You ask, "Honey, you remember that talk we had a long time ago about incest, when you said people should be able to make love to whomever as long as their adults and consent.  I remember I disagreed with you and said that sex between family members is not alright at all, do you remember?"
ME:  Yeah
MOM:  Well, I have been thinking about it.... a lot." [Pause]
ME:  Okay, what about?
I mean, I have been umm ... you know...umm...thinking about it...late at night."
ME:  Ummm what do you mean?
MOM:   I have been thinking about how you might be right. 
ME:  Mom?
MOM:   I have been thinking about what your cock looks like ..... and if it would feel good for me to touch it.
ME:  What the fuck Mom?  Umm, ummmm we can't and there are so many people outside anyways.  

This is where you seduce me by slowly assuring no one is going to come in from the party and you want to just look at it.  You slowly pull me out of my jeans [no cock in video plz],  You smile and then grab it, seducing me to be able to suck it to completion in your mouth.  [2 minute bj]
After cumming in your mouth and you swallowing it.  You dress back up and drink to clear your throat.  Someone comes in from the party [no actor needed] to grab some beers and quickly leaves which is good because we act kind of awkwardly silent watching TV.   After partier is gone back outside...

MOM: Did you like that?
Me:  omg...yes.
MOM:  I am so fucking wet for you Samuel. Are you still hard?
ME:  Yes, but we shouldn't.
MOM:  [smile]  You know you want to.
You seduce me quickly and pull me out of my jeans again and move your panties over to the side from under your skirt , climb on me and take control riding me and then urging me to come inside you eventually.  [4-5 minute sex]  [Toward the climax, plz pull out your beautiful breasts and ensure me that you don't care if anyone comes inside.]"

Mother's Day MILF

Your hardest working MILF is in desperate need of a spa day! Massage, facial, mani/pedi, the works!

Why don't you be a good boy and show your devotion: Tribute For Mommy

Afterall, you want me to look and feel good so I can keep fulfilling your ultimate fantasies, right? ;)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Note From Diane

I recently received a comment here on my blog that was distasteful to say the very least, but was also indicative of someone who is completely clueless to the proper avenue of which to communicate with me on a deeper level.

I am a very busy woman. Although I do absolutely enjoy and appreciate comments and compliments throughout my social media platforms, if there is something more substantial you wish to convey, then be a grown up and use the proper channel, i.e., my email. It pains me that I even have to explain this.

I try very hard to read every comment, compliment, etc, but there are times when I'm too busy with those who do understand email and how it works best when there is something substantial to say or they wish to serve me properly.

I am a professional, and I demand to be treated as such. If you do not grasp this concept, then you are wasting my time. I do not play games, and am not simply here to use people for financial gain. I work very hard at what I do. If you are someone who is going to be immature and play childish games and post comments rather than communicate with me directly, then you are a non factor and yes I will ignore you and most likely block you.

It's a pretty simple concept, actually. Apparently, not for all.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Mom Bra Fetish

Just as a loving mother should, I notice you've been staring at my bras lately. You've probably been looking at other women's bras too, like maybe your teachers? This is something we need to address. There's no need to feel ashamed, or be shy, everything is going to be OK, just relax and let mommy show you how to take care of those desires like a big boy.  Go along with mommy's instructions. You're such a good boy and I'm so proud of you!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Mother Son Sex Ed

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"Background:  All of your son's little neighborhood friends, boys, like to come over to your house because they love watching you clean. You always dress sexy, low, low cut tops, either very low cut bras, i.e. demi-bras, or no bra, and very short skirts, nylons and garters are a plus, love the smoky/black very sheer nylons.... You make sure to bend over in front of the boys so they can see down your top, gently swaying/jiggling your tits for them to enjoy. When you clean shelves you have your back to them so they can see your skirt ride up, or cleaning the ceiling fan, stretching in front of them, facing them so they can see the front of your sheer panties.  All, very slow and erotic, mommy enjoys being admired by these little boys.

Mommy is extra horny today, daddy left yesterday on a business trip and mommy didn't get her quota of morning sex.

Mommy makes comments to the boys such as: are you boys enjoying the view, do you like what you see, does that make it better (pulling blouse open a bit more and pulling up front of skirt so they get a clear view of your panties)

Mommy becomes more and more blatant about exposing her body to the boys as she's cleaning. As she gets turned on, she asks the boys if they know what fucking is. Of course they all turn red, especially your son, hearing you say such words. Mommy presses the issue, then asking them if they want to know what fucking is.

Mommy decides to show them, swearing them all to secrecy. She leads them al into her bedroom where she undresses, slowly, talking about her tits, what happens when she gets pregnant, her pussy and how it is gonna be used during sex. You have the boys take off their cloths also, after all, it's not fair for them to see mommy naked but she can't see them.

After mommy tells them all about tits, function and erotica, and her pussy, in detail. She takes out a small lifelike cock, hopefully you have one, to demonstrate how a mommy makes love to a cock. Talk about blowjobs, demonstrating, and one of my favorites, titty fucking, then, after she gets the cock all nice and hard, she demonstrates how a mommy gets pregnant by a daddy, slowly rubbing it up and down her pussy, actually showing the boys, then how it goes into a mommy's pussy, goes in and out, slowly, then when daddy shoots his white, sticky, cum into mommy's pussy, she can get pregnant.

Explain to all the boys that that is how they were made, their mommy's took their daddy's cocks, made them hard just like I showed you then she fucks him.

After answering all their questions mommy sends the boys home then takes her son back into the bedroom to let him practice on you how to make babies. Remember that I like dialog, the more the better, especially the very graphic uses of tits, pussy, fucking, and blowjobs.

While in bed with your son, you talk again about all the things you covered with the boys, and how you really like showing off for his friends. Then mommy has her son get on top of her and fuck her.
Please, no loud screaming, "here I cum, etc? I like soft quiet talking and gentle body shaking, it's obvious that mommy has an orgasm.

Cooling down, mommy asks him how he enjoyed fucking her and if he would like to see her fuck each one of his friends while he watches, yes, I am a devout voyeur."

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bra Fetish MILF

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"Can you pretend to be my step mother and you caught me in your room looking at your bras while company is downstairs.  You notice that I had a hard on. You tell me its ok and you notice how I have been looking at your bras through your shirt and notice how hard I have been getting.  So you assure me its ok and we can keep this are little secret.   You tell me to lay my head back and and just relax and you have on the one that you notice that gets me hard the most.  You assure me no one is going to come in and we are alone.  You unbutton your shirt and You take out my cock (your squirting dildo) you lube it up and start stroke my cock slow and steady.  You can talk very sweet, sexy and caring voice to me, and talk about how much I like your bra, how your breast fill up the bra cups.   You still tell me to relax and assure me no one is coming in, dont worry baby, its ok.  Can you ask me "Do I like your soft hands wrapped around your cock?"  Hmm.. your so big.  Hmm.. I like stroking your big cock.  Ooo.  look how big your cock gets just from you looking at my bra.   You can add in anything else you like to make it better.  I still like your style on how you do your clips.  
Then you notice all of this sexy talking and stroking me is going to make me cum.  Then you can say "do I want to see what your  step moms bra has been holding?  Do you want to see Step mommies titties?  You do?  I know you do.  You want to see them dont you."  So then you can lift the bra over your breast and add some more lube to make it more wet and slippery and stroke me a little faster.  You can let the dildo touch in between your breast also.  Then you can say and whisper to me "Now we cant be to loud, but I want you squirt and cum all over your step moms tittes, ok.  Can you do that for me? Oh yes! I can tell by your face your so excited.  Its ok."  "Just lay back and relax."  Then you can start stroking me a litte faster, and say "Thats it. Come on,  You can do it. Mmm Hmm,  There you go.  Cum for Step Moms Titties, Dont worry, the door is lock and no one is coming in sweety. " Its are little secret."  "No one is going to find out."   And as im squirting you can go "oh, oh, oh, Mmmmmm.... there you go.  Oh your such a nasty and naughty boy. Look at you cumming all over my titties.  Do you feel better?   Thats good.  Next time I will come to your bedroom while everyone is asleep and show you some of my other bras."

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An Innocent Foot Rub

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"You're my aunt on my mom's side and I've been staying with you while going to college.

One night you ask me for a foot rub while we're watching TV together. You put one foot on my inner thigh while I rub the other, and you start running your foot over my crotch as I get hard.

I take it out and you wrap both your feet around it and start to give me a footjob. After a little bit of that, you take your feet off, climb on top, and ride me until we both finish."

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cuckold Training

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

"My other idea would be a followup.  The sex ed teacher calls you again the following night and tells you I was a good boy today. She worked with me personally in front of the class and I did a good job licking her pussy and stuck my tongue as far as I could in her anus and was eager to suck on it and that I didn't miss a drop when I ate my semen out of my hand. 

She goes on to tell you that tomorrow we start our unit on bisexuality, but before we start that because of my size issue she'd like to use my as an example and explain the concept of cuckolds. She'll tell the class some men have little penises and can't get a woman off in the normal way and they have to lick the woman while men with big dicks fuck them, then be sissy cuckolds and eat not just the woman's juices but the man's cum also. She also tells you she'd like to use me for the intro to bisexuality. You agree to everything she says and hang up.

You tell me what a good little boy I am and explain to me what's going to happen at school tomorrow. 

Tomorrow to start out one of the other boys with a big penis will put it in the teacher's vagina. While he's doing that I will have to tongue her anus like I did so well today. Any juices that come from her vagina I will have to lick up, and I will occasionally have to lick the other boy too. When he shoots his semen into the teacher it will be my job to eat it all out of her and make sure she's cleaned up. Also clean his penis with my mouth.

You go on to explain to me that the teacher wants to use me as the "bottom" in the lesson on gay/bi sex. I ask what that means and you explain I'm going to have to suck on the male teacher's penis until he ejaculates in my mouth (maybe some of the other boys too!) He's then going to some things with/to my butt. You explain that he'll have me spread it open and put some oil in the hole before he sticks his fingers and a penis shaped rubber toy in it. When it gets hard again he'll have me spread my cheeks open wide while he slides his penis into me and pushes it in and out until he ejaculates again.

You can tell I'm scared about this and you tell me not to cry it will all be ok and won't hurt me too bad, but you can tell I'm also getting a little erection hearing about it. Maybe I'm naturally a little dicked sissy. You tell me to take my pants off and we'll do a little homework to get me ready.

You get out a dildo, making it a point to say it's the size of most men's dicks. Much much bigger than what I have. Have me stroke my little thing for you you lube up my hole and start showing me what will happen tomorrow first with your finger then the toy. You can tell I really enjoy having things in my butt because my penis is much harder than normal. You tell me how when I cum I'm going to eat it again, but there's some extra involved this time. Go on like before with the small penis and cum eating talk, maybe also call me a sissy who just might like boys. After a couple minutes of that when I'm about to you'll pull the dildo out of me and have me shoot my load on it. It'll be dirty from having been inside me and also covered with my cum but sissies don't mind that you tell me as you put it in my mouth and tell me to clean it all up. When it's all cleaned up you tell me I'm a good boy and I'll do fine in school tomorrow."

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mom Son Sex Ed

This was a custom order. No names used.

"What I'm thinking is you get a call from my sex ed teacher telling you that I didn't do my work in class today. The girls were supposed to pair up with boys and let them feel their breasts as well as smell and taste their vaginas and anuses. The boys were supposed to let the girls watch them masturbate into their hands and eat their own cum. The teacher says this is a required lesson and you tell her you'll help get me ready to do it at school tomorrow.

You sit me down and ask why I didn't do my schoolwork and tell me you don't want me to flunk out. I tell you that the girl I was with was very pretty and I thought her vagina and anus were very pretty and smelled and tasted good but I was too embarrassed to show her my tiny little boy penis. You are very understanding and tell me to take my pants and underpants off.

I do as you say and you tell me you understand why I was embarrassed because my penis is VERY small and looks like it hasn't grown since I was about 3. Still I need to do my schoolwork so you and I will practice what I have to do tomorrow. You first take your top off and show me your breasts and let me feel them, then take your panties off (which you give to me and tell me I can rub them on my penis if it helps). You spread your legs and give me some good looks at your pretty pussy and let me smell and taste it. After a couple minutes of that you open up a bit wider so I can see your other hole and you tell me about it and have me give that one some attention. 

The whole time be reminding me to rub my small penis because I need to cum and be ready to eat the semen. Perhaps towards the end focus on that, and tell me not to be scared you've eaten plenty of it and it won't hurt me. Describe how it might taste and maybe if I eat it it well help my penis grow. Eventually I'll blow my load into my hand (or yours, either way works) and you tell me exactly how to lick it up and savor the taste before I swallow.

Like I said I'd like lots of small penis and cum eating talk from my very loving understanding mommy. I like it when mom uses the proper terms for things -- penis, anus, vagina."

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Big Natural Tits

Natural tits are simply the best. Although, you most likely will never actually touch mine. You only get to jerk off to videos of my perfect tits. My big beautiful natural tits with their sexy curves, amazing cleavage, and soft form. What would happen if I took my straps down? Imagine your cock between them, engulfing your cock and stroking it up and down. I know you wish this lotion was your cum. Don't pop too soon, the best part is yet to come!

Let's face it, you blew your load a long time ago.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mommy's Big Full Titties

This was a custom order - no name used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review. 

"For my second video, I would like you to act out my favorite fantasy. It's summer and we are sitting in the front room with the door open and just the large old fashioned screen door. We are sitting on the couch, you and I and my baby brother who is nursing at your breasts. I am very young, 5ish, and I am always there when you nurse my brother because I love seeing your tits. You know this and make sure to make a big scene out of exposing your breasts in a very slow erotic way, never just one, as most mothers would do, but both so that I have an unobstructed view of your bare tit. You have me keep a wash cloth close so that I can catch any drips from the non-nursing breast. You like for me to hold your tit while I wipe the nipple and of course I make it last as long as possible. Eventually you tell me that it's okay to just hold momma's titty, she likes for her men to appreciate her assets. While nursing, you talk to my baby brother about me and your bare tit. Things like, "you see what your big brother is doing, he's holding momma's titty in his hand," and " he likes watching momma feed you and stare at momma's titties, etc. A nice running commentary about me liking your naked titties. A little while later, the paperboy comes to the door to collect. He's about 12. You tell him to come on in and ask him what he wants. You ask him if he can wait till you finish feeding the baby, and of course he doesn't mind at all. He obviously stares at your tits and develops quite a bulge in his pants, no huge cocks, just normal for a boy. You decide that maybe he needs a nice tip for waiting for you to finish. You begin asking him, "do you like looking at a woman's titty?" "have you ever seen a woman's titty before?" "would you like to touch one?" "I'll let you but you have to do something for me." Here you talk him into taking his cock out so you can see it. Now mommy gets really slutty and puts on a show for her sons. Mommy uses cock, pussy, fuck, titty a lot. She offers to pull up her skirt so all the boys can see her pussy. And, please, expose your pussy, just a little for us to see. Asks the paper boy has ever fucked a woman. She tells him about her exploits around the house for her son, me, like cleaning naked, letting me touch you anywhere and whenever I want. Sometimes coming over to the couch while I am watching TV and sitting on my lap facing me straddling my legs pushing your tits into my face, rubbing your bare pussy on me, etc.... And sometimes, when daddy is away, I get to sleep naked with mommy all night. Eventually you ask the paperboy if he would like for you to suck his cock. Of course he looks startled, and you explain, in explicit detail about women sucking cock. Putting it in your mouth, licking it, rubbing it all over your face, a scene that I find totally erotic in porn videos. Don't spend a lot of time with head down, making slurpy noises. The talk is the most erotic for me and of course seeing your body. Head down for a couple of seconds, up and talking to you sons, like "are you watching mommy suck cock? Did you see mommy put his cock right in her mouth, just like she does yours? Etc.... After he comes, you tell me to hurry up and get naked and lets go to bed, mommy needs your little boy cock right here in her pussy, Remember, slow and sensual, with lots and lots of dirty talk by mommy" 

 Customer Feedback: "Thank you sweet lady! I really enjoy it. It is so erotic to listen to a beautiful, sophisticated lady talking dirty and making it erotic and not vulgar. You do this so well..."

Monday, April 10, 2017

Horny Cougar Diane Andrews

This was a custom order, no names used. To order yours, email me.

"My idea is kind of a version of your clip Mommy's Drunk Again. You are a divorced mom home alone and you have been drinking all day and you are drunk and very horny. You have a college age son who is home for the summer but has left for the weekend. One of your son's friends who you have always wanted to fuck stops by to see your son. You tell him he's not home but you realize that this is a perfect opportunity to seduce him. You ask him if he thinks you are pretty and if he likes your big tits. You have him drink a couple drinks with you and then you tell him since he's been drinking the only safe thing to do is to have him spend the night and if he's going to spend the night, then you might as well have some fun. You tell him how much you like to get fucked when you're drunk and you unbutton your shirt to show him more of your cleavage which was already very prominent. You notice his cock is getting very hard and you ask him if you can see it. He pulls it out and you touch his dick marveling at how big it is and you tell him again how much you like to fuck when you're drunk and how you've always thought he was handsome and what a waste it would be if he didn't put his cock in your pussy and fuck you. You tell him how awesome you are in bed when you're drunk and that he should take you to bed right now and fuck you all night. The next scene is you in the bedroom on your back getting fucked and telling him how much you like getting fucked by his huge cock. When he's ready to cum, you tell him you want him to pull out and cum all over your stomach and tits. You are very happy he has such a huge load of cum and make arrangements with him to come over and fuck you for the whole summer whenever you get drunk which is a lot. If you agree to this, could you please wear either the red shirt and red bra you wore in Mommy's Drunk Again or the blue lingerie you wore in several of your other clips? Also, you should be barefoot for the entire clip if that is ok. Let me know if I this is something you'd be interested in doing. Can you film in either MP4 or WMV? Thanks so much for getting back with me. Hope to hear back from you. I think you are absolutely georgeous!"

Customer Feedback: "Diane, thank you very much for the custom clip. It was awesome and you are incredibly beautiful! Thanks again!"

Friday, March 24, 2017

Aunt Taboo Porn

This was a custom order, no names used. To get yours, email me:

A custom requested sequel to the very popular "Morning Quickie"

"I bought one of your clips Morning Quickie. I absolutely love it! I have been looking for a clip like this for a long time. I love everything about the clip. The sweet talking, and the use of the fake dildo that squirts cum and the sounds you made when it was cumming. I even like the wet sounds it made as you stroked the dildo and it squirted out. I went everywhere. Lol. I was wondering if you could do one where you come in at night and pretend your my auntie. You can wear the same slip night gown (which is also sexy) and come in to see how was but realize I could not sleep. You can see I'm getting really hard and stroke my cock to help me. When you notice I'm getting ready to come you can pull down the top part of your night gown and stroke my cock faster, and pretend to rub my nipple. Then when about to cum you can say in a nice soft caring voice, "Don't worry the door is locked and no one is going to cum in".

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Caught With My Bras

This was a custom order - name not used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

I know you thought I wouldn't find out, but you should know better by now. I caught you when you were stealing my panties, and now my bras too!? What is this obsession you have with my undergarments?

If you don't want to tell me, then you're going to be punished. Well... punishment it is then.

I have strict instructions for you throughout. I'm going to count you down, and maybe I'll let you cum, and maybe I won't, that's entirely up to me. When and if I do finally let you cum, you have only one place to empty your load...

You had to know there would be punishment for stealing your mother's bras!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wife Worship

A custom order. Your smoking hot wife seduces you as soon as you walk through the door. She's so horny and hot for you, it's difficult not to blow your load instantly!

Worship your hot wife.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tit Worship

My tits have total control over you.  All it takes is a glimpse of cleavage to get you dripping and throbbing. This custom clip ravages your mind and visual senses with perfect natural tits accompanied by sexy dirty jerk off instruction.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Learning Subservience

A custom made femdom/MILF video for a fan. An older woman is left to care for you and ends up showing you exactly how you're going to care for her. 

Learn how to serve me and reap the ultimate reward.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Your Porn, Your Way

Custom made erotic taboo video. Mom discusses that orgy you set up with your little friends the day before. Did you enjoy watching her get fucked and do all those dirty things?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Custom Mom Porn

This was a custom order - name not used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review. 

 "Basically, I would like the video to just start out with you in a bathrobe with a white thong underneath. When you discover that I've been playing with your panties, you tell me that I'm bad and that mommy's going to punish me. You start by making me lick and suck mommy's toes. Then you remove your robe and tell me if I like mommy's panties so much that you can smother my face with the panties you are wearing. Then you remove your panties, bend over, and force me to lick mommy's ass. Then you tell me that you will sit on my face and I have to eat mommy's pussy until she comes. When you do, I have to lick up all of mommy's come. Then, you tell me since I've been such a good boy, I can fuck mommy's pussy. It ends with you telling me to come in mommy's pussy. Hopefully I'm not making it too complicated. Sorry, I know it's really twisted. But I'm already so turned on right now from just thinking about it. And having seen your other videos, I can hardly contain myself. You are so incredibly sexy."

Purchase this fantastic clip here: My Son, The Panty Thief

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sexy and understanding mom "helps" you embrace your fetishes for a sexy neck and throat and a hairy bush. 

Spectacular POV video!

This was a custom order - name used a couple times. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

Customer Feedback:

"Diane. Thank you so much for the clip!!! It was exactly what I was looking for, and more, thanks to the benefit of your creative input beyond what I had provided in my suggestions. It's as though you read my mind. What's more remarkable is that you produced this under very trying conditions, having to re-film, etc, but still managed to make it seem alluring and spontaneous. That voice of yours is a Gift.

If you don't mind me saying so, my impression is that you are not only a very SEXY woman, but an extremely intelligent one and a beautiful person too. So thanks again.

Holding the screen close, I really felt as if I was with you. I'm sure this clip will be a real 'hit', not only with like minded people, but because of the strength of the 'virtual' content.

I wish you well Diane, and truly hope you find your heart's desire!!!"
Hi. Where do I start. This video would be a 'mommy/neck throat/hairy bush fetish combination. I submit this because you have a beautiful neck:

Suggested Outfit: night slip

Scene Description:

starts with a bedroom intrusion, a creative chat with son that leads to an depth discussion of son's predilection for necks and throats and extremely hairy pussy. Progressive teasing, flirting and dirty talk culminate with son on top of mommy (missionary), extremely up-close camera shots of your neck, varied angles, collarbones and tits, interspersed with extremely up-close tongue-kissing, moaning, etc. Throughout, you will continually encourage son to kiss, suck and bite mommy's neck, while squeezing her tits until son explodes deep inside (with relevant verbal encouragement). Liberal use of the 'c' word would be preferred, but 'pussy' will do

(As there will be no need to actually see your pussy, it doesn't actually have to be hairy, just the talk)