Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world.

With all of today's stresses and complications, isn't it nice to have somewhere to go that's comfortable and relaxing? A place with no judgments, no ridicule, no negativity?

This is that place. My little section of this massive Internet. My palace of creativity in which I provide you with the tools needed to relieve that stress. A sexy and sultry avenue of erotic art, blowing your mind and taking your fantasies to a whole new level.

Porn, but like never before. A one on one experience with a real woman with real skills and real desire to make you explode with a force so great you'll be absolutely addicted.

I am extremely hard-working and dedicated to providing you with content that's worth parting with your hard earned money! It's just me and you. Let's make our time together special!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Diane Andrews Cuckolding

I don't know why we are having this conversation again. You seem to not understand the rules, and quite frankly it's pathetic and very annoying to have to keep reminding you of your place in this marriage. You are here to serve me, plain and simple. You take care of the house and keep things clean so I don't chip a nail and have more time to get ready to go on my dates with REAL men who have big dicks, hot bodies, and charming and fun personalities. All things you do not possess. That tiny little dick in your pants isn't much more than a clit, and will never experience my pussy. It's your job to buy me things and make sure I look perfect for the dates I go on, and the men that I fuck. Perhaps I can bring them home so you can pretend to know what my perfect pussy feels like.

I just shaved my pussy so it's perfectly smooth and clean, so there is one thing you can do. You can clean my pubic hairs out of the bathtub while I go on my date.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Diane Andrews Upcoming Videos

Happy first day of Fall, y'all! :)

On the roster for today is a super smoking hot teasing and taunting cuckolding video entitled; "You Knew The Rules When You Married Me". As my husband, you know your place.

Next in line will be a brand new lace bra fetish clip showing off my brand new Victoria's Secret bras!

Get your act together and check back often for new videos :))


Wife Cuckolding Weak And Defenseless Hubby

It's really pathetic the way you beg me for sex; for anything remotely related to sex, but the fact remains, you knew the rules when you married me.  To me, you're just a wallet to buy all of my beautiful things to attract REAL men. The men I ACTUALLY fuck. 

The only thing you MIGHT get is to lick my cum soaked panties before you hand wash them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Prostate Massage Blow Job

Still my top-selling blow job clip in my Clips4Sale store!

EVERY man loves some anal stimulation during sex, they're just afraid to ask or admit it.

(sneak preview)

POV Cum Eating

So you want to jerk off to my panties and nude photos? You want to taste my toy? Well... I'm going to use that toy on your tiny little butthole and when your tiny little penis shoots its cum, you're going to eat it from my hand. I'd say this is your punishment, but I know you love it too much.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sissy Boy Small Penis Cum Eating Instruction

Custom clip order. Sissy boy small penis cum eating instruction. Catching you masturbating with my naked pics, worn panties, and used dildo! I will let you finish, but you're going to eat your cum. Your tiny penis can't get hard unless I treat you like the sissy I know you secretly are - and I know you have tried on my panties.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Taboo Virtual MILF Sex

This was a custom order - no names used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

I know that you feel smaller than all the others in your class, and you're having trouble sleeping because you start school tomorrow. I think I have just the remedy for all your woes. I'm so proud of you and love every part of you!

(sneak preview)


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BiSexual Encouragement

I'm not here to humiliate you. In fact, it's just the opposite. I'm here to encourage your desire for cock. I want to seduce you with my positive and accepting reaction to finding out you secretly lust for cock. Finally, someone to share cock with!

A sultry and seductive forced-bi. Understanding your desires, and encouraging them. Keeping your secret safe, and helping you fulfill your deepest fantasies. Follow my affirming and positive instructions that will have you coming back for more. Women like me are so rare, and you know that to be true, so don't miss out on this opportunity to feel free to crave cock and be encouraged and cheered by me.

Tell me how much you love cock, and let me be a part of those cravings.

Includes: Forced Bi, Femdom, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Seduction, Cock Worship, Role Reversal, Bodystockings, Encouragement, Sensual Domination

Monday, July 18, 2016

You Are Going To Help Me Because I Caught You With My Panties


I found my panties underneath your mattress, and some of them I know I had worn after I had sex with your father. So, this is what you do? You like to sniff my cum stained panties after I've had sex with your father and jack off? Well, it's not totally abnormal for a boy, but there does have to be a punishment.

You see, your father is cheating on me anyway, so this is how I'm going to get back at him. You're going to fuck me. If you don't, well then I'll tell him what you've done with my panties.

Of course you're going to go along with it because you don't want him to find out, and just as we begin he calls and I answer. Sitting on top of you I tell him I'm reading a book. He's of course "working late" again, and apologizes over and over, and I simply say "it's fine", but in reality I know what's happening, and now I'm getting him back by fucking his son. Oh, and I should mention the one last thing you will be required to do, since you love licking my cum stained panties so much; you're going to cum inside me and then lick it all out. Imagine how good mine and your cum mixed together is going to taste.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Satin Nightie Porn

After catching mom cheating with the neighbor, you decide this will be the optimum time to use it against her to get what you want. After joining her in bed for a "nap", you wake her by lifting her nightie and touching your cock to her ass and then tell her if she doesn't do what you want, then you are going to tell your father about her fucking the neighbor. Reluctantly, at first, she agrees to go along with it, but then realizes your cock is much bigger than your father's and ultimately is consumed with passion.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Taboo Mature Aunt Porn

You come home for the holiday to your Aunt cooking. She gives you some food, and you can't stop staring at her beautiful tits. As you eat, while you watch TV, when she talks. You are completely consumed with her tits. The movie you are watching with her shows a sex scene, and she attempts to cover your eyes and tells you not to watch, but just then you grab her tits. She removes your hand and tells you that's not appropriate.

Later, she's changing into lingerie in her room and you are spying on her. She catches you and gets angry and tells you to come sit, you're going to have a talk. She explains to you that you are not allowed to do that, but then suddenly she's flirting and starts to seduce you!

She definitely gives you something you won't soon forget!

Taboo MILF Fetish Porn

You're a curious little one, aren't you? At the family's fourth of July party, you hear noises coming from auntie's bedroom, so being the little pervert that you are, you go check it out. When you see it's your auntie masturbating, you stay down low at the end of her bed and watch. Inevitably, she catches you and yells at you to get out!

Just as you were thinking she wasn't going to say or do anything, she calls you into her room to have a little chat about what just happened. You figure she's going to give you the typical lecture on how you're not supposed to go into people's rooms when the door is closed, but instead she does something very unexpected!

Here's the deal, since you saw me masturbating, you are now going to masturbate for me, and I'm going to make you eat your cum at the end. You have two choices; you can do it, or I can tell your mom what a dirty little pervert her son is for spying on his auntie. That's what I thought...

Now here are the rules; follow them to the letter. At the end, you're going to come in your hand and eat it for me. Every - last - drop. If you can manage to do as I say, maybe someday we can do more!

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Lace Bra Fetish Videos

*This is an intense humiliation clip, with a mean and disgusted tone*

The next installment to your pathetic filthy bra fetish. A custom clip with no names used.

"I was thinking in a clip with you putting 4 of my favorite lace bras(image below) one on top the other while you humiliate me for been sucha lace bra lover.You can start the clip wearing the black bra with the rest in yourhands, would be awesome if you tease me a little with each one of themjust before you put them on (licking, smelling, rubbing against yourboobs) ,each bra placed you can jiggle your boobs driving me crazy "youlike that lace bra lover? you like when they jiggle inside my lacebras?".When you finish to put all them on and you had enought tohumiliate me, only then you're going to let me cum all over your fourlace bras ( in this part i'd see you shaking, jiggling your boobs andtelling me to cum all over your 4 lace bra severals times in ahumiliating way , saying " cum for your dirty lil fetish my lace bralover," "cum all over my lace bras ,lace bra lover", something like thatover and over untill you finally let me explodeLike always've i want to see your meaner side, so when it cames tohumiliation, you can mean and humiliate me really good for been such alace bra perverted , no limits , theres only one thing that i'd like tohear, you calling me "lace bra lover" severals times during thehumiliation (specially when u let me cum)"

Be sure to go back to where it started and enjoy each entry to this series:

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

How To Earn The Attention Of A Goddess

I know what you're doing this holiday weekend, and it's not what you think. You have groveled at my feet and begged to serve me for months now, and I have finally come to a resolution as to how you will worship and adore me.  It will cost you your dignity.  Let's face it, you've never actually been that masculine to begin with, and you've always dreamed of dressing up like, and being, a woman.  Now's your chance.  Under my direction you will learn how to become a common, filthy, whore.  You will troll the streets every night, picking up men and offering your "services" in exchange for their cash.  Once you have earned $1000, you will bring it all back to me.  That's right, I am not just your Mistress, but I am also your PIMP.  How long it takes you to earn this cash is ultimately up to you and how hard and often you work.

You say you want to serve me... well, this is a good start.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Filthy Cam Session With Mommy

You've been away at college for so long, and mommy misses you so much! It's time for our weekly cam session, and much to your delight mommy is wearing the sexiest outfit you've ever seen! She is obviously ready for something extra special and fun... and after the usual pleasantries are exchanged, you find out exactly what she has in mind!  It's the filthiest, raunchiest, dirtiest cam session you've ever had with anyone, especially your own mother!

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spying On Mommy In The Bath

You've always had the bad habit of spying on your mom in the bathroom, but this time is very different. This time you hear sounds coming from the bathroom you've never heard before. You wonder, is she OK? Should I go in and check on her? Maybe I should go in and just be sure she's OK. You walk in and what you find is that not only is she OK, but she's masturbating with multiple toys in both of her holes and even when she sees you she doesn't stop, it spurs her on and she just keeps fucking herself with these toys, both in her pussy and in her ass, and even in both at the same time! You stand there watching, completely in awe. This is the naughtiest she has ever been with you, and you can't help but love every second of it, especially when she talks dirty.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Son Comforts Mom

son comforts mommy because dad left, taboo porn, taboo fetish porn, horny vulnerable mom

Your father has left me for a younger woman. I don't think you boys can ever understand what this does to a woman of my age. I was just laying here in my sexiest nightie to try to make myself feel better about not being good enough, or attractive enough anymore. Well, thank you honey, but you're my son, you have to say those things. :) But, really, do you think I'm still pretty? I mean, would you want me? You do!? But, wouldn't that be weird? Or, would it just be a son comforting his mother and helping her to gain some self confidence back? I mean as long as that's what it's about, I think it woudl be OK.

One thing I've always been curious about is how well you ended up doing, you know, down there? Like, how big did it get? Can I maybe take a peek? HOLY SHIT! I had no idea you had grown so... much! Wow. I think I really want that. You're much bigger than your father ever could dream of being. So, if we do this, can you do me like you do the other girls? Will you do to me the same things you do to them? Please? Because I'm up for literally... anything.

OMG your big cock fills me up so good! I bet it will fill my ass up nicely as well. Oh yes, it certainly does! Now cum in my ass and fill my ass up with your cum baby! You're such a good boy for making your mommy feel better!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cum Eating Instruction - Diane Andrews

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Honey, I know that you are growing up and getting bigger, but that there are parts of you that aren't catching up quite as fast. I know that you watch me sometimes when I bathe, that's why I leave the door cracked for you sometimes, because I kind of like it, but I also know that your penis is rather small for your age, but not to fret, I've done some research and there is a way you can make it grow bigger. You will have to be dedicated and diligent, but this will work. It starts with eating cum. We will begin with your own, and possibly even mine, and also your father's. He has quite a large penis, and eating his cum will just bolster your growth rate that much more.

I'm going to take an initial "soft" measurement. Don't worry, most men are small when they are soft. Now we have your measurement while soft, but I also need to know how big you grow when you're hard, so let me help make that happen. I know you love mommy's wet, soapy tits (that's why you watch me in the bathtub) so we'll begin there. Well, that's making it a little harder, but I want it as hard as it can possibly get. What if mommy masturbates in front of you, would that get you hard as a rock? Good. We will try that! Now you're hard enough we can take a good measurement. Ohhh, that's good! But, we can do better. Maybe if you eat mommy's cum it might help as well, so here, lick this clean.

Well, now we need to make you cum so you can eat it, this will be the first step in making your cock grow as big as we can get it. What if I masturbate again, and this time stick this part of this toy in my ass? Ya? I figured you would enjoy that!

Now remember, when you cum, you need to cum in your hand and eat every last drop so you can grow that cock nice and big for mommy!