Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Because I Said So - The Beginning

The most used phrase in a mother's arsenal - "because I said so". It has the power to control, the power to make you stop or start whatever we want, and now I'm using it to make you do things you have only dreamed of doing.

The first part of a multi-dimensional series, "Because I Said So" will take you from beginning to end.

Part 1 - The Beginning. This is the start of a new trend. You go into your mom's bedroom to watch TV with her, and she of course very kindly allows you to come lay on the bed with her while she watches her favorite show. No more than a few seconds in to you laying next to her, the show displays an intense sex scene. Knowing that you're too young for this, she tells you to lay down and go to bed. It's fine if you stay in the room, but you must go to bed. Why? Because I said so.

You try your best to close your eyes, and you begin to pretend you're not awake when you notice she is touching herself and beginning to moan. The strap of her already revealing nightie is coming down, and it looks as though her breast might come out at any moment. You struggle to pretend to not be awake, yet still watch what is unfolding in front of you. To your shock, she begins writhing and moaning even louder, and then pulls her breasts out and pinches her own nipple while touching herself "down there". She rewinds the show to her favorite sex scene once again, and masturbates right next to you in the bed until she comes! You awaken and startle her, and because of this she makes you masturbate in front of her. 

Now you can't tell anyone about this, it has to be our secret! Because I said so!

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