Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Deal Is A Deal

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"It is early evening and m0m hasn't been home from work long. She's been looking forward to sitting down and relaxing all day. Her s0n sits on the edge of her bed when she walks in and sits down in front of her computer. She is dressed in business casual. She checks her email before returning to a saved game of Farmville. It has been six months since she asked her s0n what he wanted for his upcoming birthday, and he replied "a blowjob." Since that day he has asked her again and again if it might happen, to which she would always reply - "If you're good." The day had finally arrived, and both of them try to keep cool, even though they're both VERY nervous.

"My feet are so sore. Can you believe I've been working at that place for twenty years now? Longer than you've ben alive.... too long if you ask me," she says while looking at her computer and absent-mindedly kicking off her shoes. "So today's the big day... did you still have your heart set on... you know... the BJ from the older woman in your life?" "Yea," says s0n. "Really? you think other boys imagine doing things like that with their own m0thers? I dunno. I can't imagine any other boys asking their m0ms for sexual favors. Oh shit, Gary wants me to join his co-op." She says, distracted by her video game.
"When do you wanna do this?" m0m asks, distracted by her game. There is a long pause – s0n is too nervous to answer. "Son?" she says. 

"I've been waiting on you all night" he says. "Actually, hold on" she says and s0n sighs exasperated. He is sure she will give him an excuse, a reason she can't go through with it. "Hold on," she says again sweetly, still staring at her computer screen. Then she turns to face him, removes her glasses, and sets them down on the keyboard. "How long's this gonna take?" she says staring at her s0n seriously. He jumps up and runs out of the room. "Where are you goin?!" she says. "Hold on!" he replies before returning to her room holding some brand new lingerie. "What is that?" she says with disappointment. "I... I want you to wear it," says son. "Oh, I'm not wearin' that!" she replies, obviously irritated. "I thought it'd look really good on you," he says. "No!" she says. "Fine," he says. She lays down the law - "Let's get one thing straight... Listen! We are not making a habit of this." 

"Are we gonna do this?" he says impatiently. 

"Yea, o-kay" she says turning back to her computer for a moment. "You better stop clicking!" he says as he takes out his cock from his shorts. "I can't or I'll lose this farm! Why can't you do it on your bed?" she says before turning to him again and realizing his dick is out. Panicked, she says "Alright go! Do it quick," and they stare at each other for a moment not knowing what to do. She gets up and moves towards him. "Sit down," she says but he is already sitting on her bed. She gently takes hold of his penis and is mesmerized for a moment. Then she glances up at him before taking him into her her mouth. She sucks slowly and tenderly, worshipping his cock for a little while with her eyes closed. Then she looks up at him and stops. She let's of his cock. "I can't believe I'm doing this... with my own s0n... Just a second..." She says, getting up and walking quickly out of the room. "I'll be right back, I"m just getting a towel." She comes back in with a small towel and gets back on her knees. 

"Are you sure this is what you want? A blowjob from your own m0ther? ...Okay." She returns to the blowjob. She looks at him with passion and contempt, moaning slightly while she sucks. "Can you believe it's actually happening? It's like a dream. Does m0mmy's mouth feel good? Does your stomach hurt a little, huh? Because it's so wrong? Because m0mmies aren't supposed to suck off little boys? We can't go back now. No matter what happens down the road, you'll always know your cock was in m0mmy's mouth. That I tasted your pre-cum and felt your balls against my chin." 

She sucks him some more, rubbing his cock on her face. She stops again. "Oh my god, it feels like you're about to cum. It's really turning you on, seeing your m0m like this isn't it? Don't you want it to last a little bit longer?" She says opening her blouse. "Do you want to just spurt it all out into my mouth right away or do you want to take your time, and play with m0mmy's tits while she sucks you off? Do you want to cum on my face or do you want m0mmy to swallow it? ...Or did you want to cum on my tits? We really should have discussed it first I guess," she says playfully pulling her breasts out. 

"Can you imagine what your father would do if he could see us now? His wife on her knees asking their s0n where and how he wants to cum on her? He'd have a heart attack!" She continues sucking him off, smiling and moaning. "He bought me this bed. Did you know that? And now I'm sucking your dick on it." She grabs a nearby bottle of baby oil and squirts it on her boobs. Then she rubs his cock on and between her boobs. "Do you like m0mmy's boobs? They feel so soft against your hard cock. Don't cum yet. Don't you cum." She sucks on his balls. "Do you ever imagine fucking me? Burying this dick in your own m0m? Maybe bending me over at the sink while I do the dishes, or over the washing machine? Yea I bet you do. I bet you've imagined covering me in cum almost as much as you've imagined filling me with cum. Filling m0mmy's pussy, and m0mmy's throat with cum... Is that right? ...I thought so... M0mmy has these same fantasies baby... M0mmy wants your cum so fucking bad." 

She sucks hard on his cock, whimpering. "I'm gonna open my mouth baby and I want you to cum all over m0mmy's tongue okay? I want to taste you! I want you to fill m0mmy's mouth with cum! Please... give it to me sweety, cum for m0mmy, cum right into m0mmy's mouth." His cock erupts stream after stream of cum and she happily opens her mouth with her tongue way out to catch it all. She whimpers with ecstasy feeling the hot cum on her cheeks, dripping down onto her shiny tits. "That was fucking hot sweetheart. M0mmy wants more."

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