Sunday, September 16, 2018

Just A Peek Won't Hurt

Curious about what I'm doing, you come find me folding laundry. Well, not just any laundry, my panties. You've always had a weakness for my panties, and the times you've gotten a peek up my skirt or dress have instantly made you hard. I tell you that you can sit and watch me. I enjoy the company. But, what is that going on in your pants? What do you mean what color panties am I wearing now? We're not supposed to have these kinds of conversations, but what is your favorite color? White cotton? What a coincidence!

Well, I suppose it wouldn't be healthy to let you walk around with what has appeared in your pants, so I guess if I just showed them to you while you "took care of it", that wouldn't be wrong, right? 

Now what are you going to do with your cum? Oh, I guess that's a good idea, just unload it all over my panties.

Now be a good boy and remember you can't tell anyone.

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Fantasies, Mom/Son, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Mommas Boy, Cleavage, Upskirt, Panty Fetish

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