Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Naughty Nephew's Harsh Punishment

This was a custom fantasy fulfillment. To be considered, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com

Looking from backseat of car, you are ‘driving’, looking back in the mirror at the POV.

“I am really getting frustrated with you! I can’t believe you forgot your suitcase, and didn’t remember until we’re too far to go back for it! Hmm? No we can’t stop! We’re already super late.”

“What are you doing???!? Did you…? Seriously? Did you just pee your pants?? Ughhhh. I TOLD you to go before we left! Well...we can’t go to the recital with you in wet pants and undies. We’ll have to stop at my house too.”

More looks back in the rearview mirror, angry.

“Next time we go on a long drive I may make you wear a diaper. Hmm? Well I don’t care if you think you’re too old for that, clearly you’re not! You’re making auntie very upset with you.”

“Seriously, I am so frustrated with you right now. I know my sister doesn’t believe in Corporal punishment, but if you were my son you can bet your butt would be getting a good SPANKING for your behaviour. I’m almost tempted…”


Scene: Indoors, domestic setting. You walk up with a pair of pink cotton panties (disney/cartoon maybe?), and hold them out for the POV. Obviously impatient and ticked off.

“OK. I don’t have many spare clothing that would fit you, and we’re already super late so put these on and we’ll get going.”

Your frustration grows as POV hesitates.

“Seriously, you are pushing my limits, LETS GO! What’s that? No. Don’t be silly. I don’t care if you don’t want to wear panties, I don’t have spare boy undies and you were the one that forgot your bag at home!

You lift up your skirt/down your waistband to show your pink panties.

“See, no big deal. I wear them! No, I really don’t care if they’re for girls. No one will see now take off your wet pants and undies and put these on.”

You cross your arms, waiting, twirling the panties on your finger and shooting an icy look at POV to show you mean business.

“Pants down. Let’s go. Yes, underwear too. They’re wet!”

Your scowl turns to a slight giggle when POV finally complies.

“Oh my, dear. That’s quite sma...well never mind. You’re still growing. But I don’t know what you were fretting about. These panties will fit you totally fine! *giggle, SPH sign* Now put them on.”

You hold them open for POV to step into, looking down and then up with a stifled giggle that turns back to frustration at POV’s hesitancy.

“OK. I’ve had about enough of this. Are you going to do what I say? No? I don’t care if my sister doesn’t believe in it, you’ve been a total BRAT today and you are going to pay the consequences. You’re getting a spanking, right now.”

You sit on the couch and tap your lovely lap. Your look at POV says this is not-negotiable.

“Over my knee right now young man. No, you’re clearly NOT ‘too big’ for this.” You point at POV crotch. “Now I’m serious. I’m gonna paint that tush bright red. Maybe this will be a reminder to do what Auntie says, when she says it!”

You pull POV over the knee..Spanking ensues. Quick rapid slaps, no counting. Scolding throughout. As you finish up the last few hard smacks…

“Ha, yeah I bet it hurts! Your butt is bright red. That’s what bad boys who don’t do what auntie says, who forget their bags and pee their pants and don’t get changed properly, they get sore bottoms from a hard spanking. So silly. You’re going to do what I said regardless, but your way includes a sore red tushy.”

POV stands up to face you. Serious look. Panties come out again, held open to step into, again.

“No fussing, I’m only going to say this one more time or I’m going to get the belt and show you what a real spanking is like. PUT THE PANTIES ON NOW.

“There, why was that so hard? *giggle* you do look sissy in them, I have to say.”

You fuss with POV, appearing to adjust the panties.

“No bulge to speak of, poor sweetie...well, anyway. None of the boys will know, just Auntie knows your little weenie is in cute pink panties, and they even match your sore butt.”

Serious look at POV.

“Now, you know what happens when you’re naughty. Tell me the truth, do you need a diaper as well or can you control yourself on the short drive to the school? Hmmmm?”

(Part of a series which includes: Maintenance Spanking Enjoy them together!)

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