Monday, June 13, 2016

Son Comforts Mom

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Your father has left me for a younger woman. I don't think you boys can ever understand what this does to a woman of my age. I was just laying here in my sexiest nightie to try to make myself feel better about not being good enough, or attractive enough anymore. Well, thank you honey, but you're my son, you have to say those things. :) But, really, do you think I'm still pretty? I mean, would you want me? You do!? But, wouldn't that be weird? Or, would it just be a son comforting his mother and helping her to gain some self confidence back? I mean as long as that's what it's about, I think it woudl be OK.

One thing I've always been curious about is how well you ended up doing, you know, down there? Like, how big did it get? Can I maybe take a peek? HOLY SHIT! I had no idea you had grown so... much! Wow. I think I really want that. You're much bigger than your father ever could dream of being. So, if we do this, can you do me like you do the other girls? Will you do to me the same things you do to them? Please? Because I'm up for literally... anything.

OMG your big cock fills me up so good! I bet it will fill my ass up nicely as well. Oh yes, it certainly does! Now cum in my ass and fill my ass up with your cum baby! You're such a good boy for making your mommy feel better!

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