Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cum Eating Instruction - Diane Andrews

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Honey, I know that you are growing up and getting bigger, but that there are parts of you that aren't catching up quite as fast. I know that you watch me sometimes when I bathe, that's why I leave the door cracked for you sometimes, because I kind of like it, but I also know that your penis is rather small for your age, but not to fret, I've done some research and there is a way you can make it grow bigger. You will have to be dedicated and diligent, but this will work. It starts with eating cum. We will begin with your own, and possibly even mine, and also your father's. He has quite a large penis, and eating his cum will just bolster your growth rate that much more.

I'm going to take an initial "soft" measurement. Don't worry, most men are small when they are soft. Now we have your measurement while soft, but I also need to know how big you grow when you're hard, so let me help make that happen. I know you love mommy's wet, soapy tits (that's why you watch me in the bathtub) so we'll begin there. Well, that's making it a little harder, but I want it as hard as it can possibly get. What if mommy masturbates in front of you, would that get you hard as a rock? Good. We will try that! Now you're hard enough we can take a good measurement. Ohhh, that's good! But, we can do better. Maybe if you eat mommy's cum it might help as well, so here, lick this clean.

Well, now we need to make you cum so you can eat it, this will be the first step in making your cock grow as big as we can get it. What if I masturbate again, and this time stick this part of this toy in my ass? Ya? I figured you would enjoy that!

Now remember, when you cum, you need to cum in your hand and eat every last drop so you can grow that cock nice and big for mommy!