Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lick It Clean Lace Bra Lover

This was a custom fantasy fulfillment. To be considered, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com

"I was thinking in a vĂ­deo with you wearing my favorite lace bra (img below), teasing me with my fantasy of fucking it with A LOT of humiliation and CEI. Always looking straight at to me in an intense humiliation clip, with a mean and disgusted ton.

On this clip you can refer to me as LACE BRA LOVER,  LACE BRA SLUT, LACE BRA BITCH, you choose goddess, I'd when you call me those names so you can use them a lot

The first five minutes or so you 'll make me hard showing me all the details of your lace bra ( back, straps, the lace cups)and while you're doing that u could start humiliating me for being such a lace bra lover. You know how much your humiliation turns me on so you can be harsh with your words, no limits

At this point, your lace bra lover is super hard and my biggest fantasy is to fuck that lace bra while you keep humiliating me. Today you're going to fulfill my fantasy and you're going to allow me to fuck my favorite lace bra while you shake your tits.

You could say "put your cock on my bra and fuck it, lace bra lover. Fuck while I shake my tits. That's it fuck my lace bra lover. Keep fucking my bra while I humiliate you for being such a bra slut. It feels so good your cock on my bra. I'll keep shaking your slut"

The more I fuck your lace bra,  more you'll grab and shake for me and more humiliation I'll have.

You keep humiliating/shaking/ grabbing and telling me to fuck my favorite lace bra over and over (Always encouraging me to fuck it harder and harder with you humiliating more,  being really bossy) till you think I'm ready to cum.

You 'll allow me to cum all over your lace bra  But only if I lick it all after, So you shake your tits in my face telling me to fuck it and cum all over it. Like a good lace bra lover.

You could straight at the cam and say:

"That's it lace bra lover, cum all over my bra, empty those balls on my lace bra, make it dirty. Look at my tits shaking and cum all over my lace bra"

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