Monday, August 13, 2018

My Sissy Boy

This was a custom fantasy fulfillment. To be considered, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com 

"What I'm thinking is it'd start out with you peeking through a
crack in the door and then you open it and say son what is going on here?
You will have caught me on your bed looking at dirty pictures of
you while I'm jacking off with your worn panties and maybe sniffing or
tasting the toy you left laying around.

You're upset with me, but you also understand boys have needs and
desires. You tell me it's ok to masturbate but not to steal your
stuff to do it. You're going to let me finish what I started, but you are
going to watch and when I finish I'm going to have to do it into my
(or your) hand eat all of my dirty hot sticky cum.

You tell me to go ahead and start masturbating my penis and as I do
so you're surprised to see it's very tiny. Daddy's is very big so you
can't believe how small mine is. You tell me to rub it harder so it
grows. I try, but it just won't get hard for me and it's still so
tiny I'm about to cry. You think I may just need something to look at so
you take your shirt off and let me see your breasts in person. That
helps me a little and I rub faster but it's still not enough. You
go ahead and take your bottoms off and let me see and sniff your pussy
as you spread it, then turn around and do the same with your butthole.
I like it a lot and tell you it's pretty, but I'm still not fully

You sit down next to me and tell me it's ok but you need to ask me
a few more questions. You know that I must like girls because I was
sniffing your panties and looking at the nude pics daddy took of
you. You have a sneaking suspicion though that I might be at least
partly a sissy boy. Did I try wearing your panties? After all my penis is
very small, and would look cute in them. And you did catch me tasting
your dildo. You ask if I just wanted to see what you taste like, or if
secretly I wanted to see what it was like to have a penis in my

All of that talk has an effect on me. My little dick starts to get
harder, by no means hard yet, but it twitches a bit. You think
maybe I like that talk about being a sissy boy and you have an idea. You
lube the toy up and slide it into my butthole

You gently use the toy on me and immediately you can tell I like
it. My penis is finally getting hard. Still tiny, but hard. You remind
me that I have to masturbate for you and when the hot sticky cum
shoots out of my small penis I have to catch it in my hand so I can eat
and savor my puddle of shame."

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