Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dirty Laundry: Diane Andrews

As part of worshipping your goddess and being a good and faithful slave, from time to time I will require you to do certain tasks. Today's task is cleaning my dirty stockings and pantyhose, and by clean, I mean clean however I see fit. Some pairs I will have you lick clean, and others I will force you to hand wash while naked and on your knees.

Let's begin by looking inside the laundry hamper to get a good look at all of your goddesses filthy nylons. Now, I will go through each pair, explaining to you how long they were worn, how they were worn, and how I want them cleaned.

Some pairs I have cum in, some pairs my real man has cum on, and some pairs I've worn for hours and hours during photo shoots and filming and never washed. It's your lucky day! 

I saved the special pair for last.

Includes: Pantyhose domination, pantyhose/stockings, pov, humiliation, goddess worship, dirty nylons, nylons, slave training

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