Sunday, July 3, 2016

How To Earn The Attention Of A Goddess

I know what you're doing this holiday weekend, and it's not what you think. You have groveled at my feet and begged to serve me for months now, and I have finally come to a resolution as to how you will worship and adore me.  It will cost you your dignity.  Let's face it, you've never actually been that masculine to begin with, and you've always dreamed of dressing up like, and being, a woman.  Now's your chance.  Under my direction you will learn how to become a common, filthy, whore.  You will troll the streets every night, picking up men and offering your "services" in exchange for their cash.  Once you have earned $1000, you will bring it all back to me.  That's right, I am not just your Mistress, but I am also your PIMP.  How long it takes you to earn this cash is ultimately up to you and how hard and often you work.

You say you want to serve me... well, this is a good start.