Friday, July 8, 2016

Lace Bra Fetish Videos

*This is an intense humiliation clip, with a mean and disgusted tone*

The next installment to your pathetic filthy bra fetish. A custom clip with no names used.

"I was thinking in a clip with you putting 4 of my favorite lace bras(image below) one on top the other while you humiliate me for been sucha lace bra lover.You can start the clip wearing the black bra with the rest in yourhands, would be awesome if you tease me a little with each one of themjust before you put them on (licking, smelling, rubbing against yourboobs) ,each bra placed you can jiggle your boobs driving me crazy "youlike that lace bra lover? you like when they jiggle inside my lacebras?".When you finish to put all them on and you had enought tohumiliate me, only then you're going to let me cum all over your fourlace bras ( in this part i'd see you shaking, jiggling your boobs andtelling me to cum all over your 4 lace bra severals times in ahumiliating way , saying " cum for your dirty lil fetish my lace bralover," "cum all over my lace bras ,lace bra lover", something like thatover and over untill you finally let me explodeLike always've i want to see your meaner side, so when it cames tohumiliation, you can mean and humiliate me really good for been such alace bra perverted , no limits , theres only one thing that i'd like tohear, you calling me "lace bra lover" severals times during thehumiliation (specially when u let me cum)"

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