Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diane Andrews - 'Satin Covered Treat'


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*Custom video with the individuals name used frequently throughout*

I am on to you. I know that you sneak into my room when I'm off doing my errands, and that you steal my satin nightie and use it to masterbate. You can't fool me, I'm your mother. But, it's OK darling, I want to be with you. I have always wanted to be with you, and now I think that we should be together.

It's obvious you like me covered in satin. The way it feels on your skin. The way it hugs my body and clings to me. I bet you would love it if I rubbed it all over your body, whispering in your ear, telling you how badly I want you.

I've wanted this just as long as you have, so let's make it the best and most sensual time ever. Let me start by stroking you between my satin covered wrists. Doesn't that feel amazing? Now I'm going to use my nightie to stroke you. Mmmmm...

Let's move this up to the bed and we will lay down on my red satin robe and do all the dirty things we've been wanting to do to each other. You have to take me doggie style, and before you cum, pull out and cover my satin covered back in your cum. OMG that is incredible. I know you can come again, so let me finish you off with my mouth and I want you to unload a huge load of your sweet cum onto my face and in my mouth! That's a good boy.

Just remember this has to be our little secret.

Includes: MILF, Virtual Sex, Taboo, POV Sex, Satin Fetish, Momma's Boy

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