Monday, February 1, 2016

Mom Taking A Bath

Mom is in the bath, and you knock at the door asking to get some tissues.  She says "I'm in the bath" and then reluctantly decides to let you come in and get some tissues.  As you walk over to them, she tells you that you need to come over and sit by her so you can have a chat.  Obviously, she knows that tissues weren't your only reason for wanting to come into the bathroom while she was naked in the bath.

"I think you wanted to get a glimpse of me naked and then sneak off to your bedroom and masturbate!  You're not supposed to look at your mother that way.  Do you think your friends look at their mother's that way?  Probably not.  Is this what you want to see?  Here are my naked breasts right in front of you, is that what you want?  Wow, I guess so by how hard you're getting.  Take your cock out and stroke it.  Well, you're doing pretty well for yourself, I'm happy for you.  I guess I'm going to play, too, is that OK?  I will masturbate with you.  Oh my, it's really turning me on.  Maybe I'll stick my fingers in my pussy?  I bet you would like to know what mommy's pussy feels like on the inside wouldn't you.  I bet you could make mommy cum really hard too.

Cum closer so you can cover me in your cum.  That's a good boy!  You made a mess of me!

Maybe next time we can actually touch each other.