Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yes, It's True

It's true. Every year I raise money (and awareness) for St. Jude's. Won't you join me in the fight to save the precious tiny humans from cancer?

Every donation goes 100% to St. Jude's. In fact, I will post proof at the beginning of next year!

Thanks, guys!

FYI: St. Jude's costs 2.6 MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY to run. That's right, per DAY! No family is ever turned away, nor do they ever receive a bill. This is an establishment I firmly believe in. Help me to help them.

Large donations receive a special gift! Click the link to find out!

*Because I've already received one donation, I have put all my videos at Many Vids on sale for 50% off now through Hump Day just to show my appreciation!! Let's get some more donations and maybe I'll let that sale run a little longer! :)

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