Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Substantial Gift

In editing right now is my latest and greatest Taboo MILF clip.

"I've been needing to discuss something with you but haven't really known how to begin. As you probably know, your father and I have been trying to conceive, but it just hasn't been working. I haven't told him this, but I had tests done and I'm fine, so it's him. His seed has slowed down with age, and the doctor says I need young, vibrant sperm. You know, from a young man... like you.

I really want to have another baby. I would love another son. But, my only chance would be you. Your father doesn't want to do a sperm donor or artificial insemination because it's too costly, so I was thinking you could give me your sperm and he would never have to know. We can do it just like they do in the clinics if you want, but it's really better to do it the natural way. If you promise not to tell, I won't either. Do this for your mommy. Give your mommy a baby.

Thank you my precious boy!"

Be sure to check back in my clips store at Diane Andrews to see it!  It's amazing!


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